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  1. I am completing my reno for my place (landed) this week. PM me for contact if you are interested. On the whole, quite happy with the work done, ID/contractor and price.
  2. Hi Estee, Replied your PM liao. Try the plumber if you just need the above done. Regards, Alan
  3. How about the Great Singapore Sales coming tomorrow? http://www.greatsingaporesale.com.sg/2009/
  4. Hi Calicojane, Have you decided on the gate/company that you are using for the gate? I am looking to replace my existing wrought gate to a wooden + wrought one as well. My driveway gate area is about 2 meter apart. Rgd, AP.
  5. Few ways... - Ask from your new neighbours - Ask from the developer - Ask Google (You will be surprise what you can find from the Internet sometimes) Regards, AP.
  6. Well, best is subjective. Anyway, I just got mine last weekend from Courts. Went to two other places and surprise that non of them could match Courts price. LG Side by Side Fridge Model: GR-P217LGB White Art Flower Comes with ice making function, etc. (Go to their website if u need more info) Original price $3999 Discounted price $2399 + $300 NTUC vouchers So actual price is $2099 after you minus the NTUC vouchers. Their BIG clearance sales should be still on, just drop by any courts stores.
  7. hehehe... Can share if you find anyone... I am looking for a nice water feature as well... Thanks as well
  8. Very high price. I just finished my electric wiring @ my place and it cost just a faction of that amount. (via a contractor) mine is a semi.d, all conceal and I rewire quite a far bit somemore. my advise, just go for a contractor. Cheaper and get ur main ID to liaise with them
  9. Not sure about replacing, but I am currently looking for quotation to do a re-varnishing of parquet flooring, re-polishing of marble and interior/exterior painting. Quotes that came back are about - Repolishing of marble flooring (550sqf) ~ $800 - Revarnishing of parquet flooring (1250 sqf) ~ $1500 Hence, maybe you should only replace those area that are spoil.. Whole area, based on what u stated is very ex. Regards, AP