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  1. Hi guys, I am having issues with my pipe valves. They keep leaking every few months and salt seems to deposit all over the valve. Every time this happens, I will need to call a plumber to help replace the valve. He doesn't seem to know why this keeps happening. And, the insides of the valve is like, woah. All rusted! Any ideas how to stop this? It is getting ridiculous to keep replacing these valves every few months! YOWZA!!
  2. Yo Could you let me know how much these are: 1. KDK V56VK 2. KDK M56SR 3. Crestar Swiftair 48" and 54", SO colour. Please let me know price both C&C and with installation. Thanks ya!
  3. Synthetic leather? I don't know about vhive, but the one I bought from Picket and Rail is unusable after less than 3 years. Basically, the 'leather' has all flaked off and torn off. In this case, just go get either fabric (with removable cover for washing) or full leather. My recommendation.
  4. hey good point. nobody has come upstairs to complain about leaks. ok, i'll borrow a spirit level (had to google what it meant) and see how it goes. could it also be that the cement between the tiles is not done properly, so, the water is leaking between the tiles to the area between my new tiles and the old tiles?
  5. Thanks! Any feedback is appreciated! Yeah I would imagine it should be sloping towards the drain hole. It is okay at the common bath but not the master bath. So yeah I kinda deduced that's the cause. As for the solution, she did mention have to hack the whole **** flooring off, and relay the tiles back! I am hoping to hear another alternative because 1) it is going to be a HUGE HUGE MESS and 2) it is going to be expensive which, she already said, I will have to cover because she only overlaid the tiles and so, waterproofing not working isn't her fault. Headache.
  6. Got a problem with my bathroom. The water does not drain well into the floor hole. Water always gathers around the floor hole, and it can be there even 12 hours later! I suspect that the tiling wasn't done well and the lowest point on the floor isn't the hole, but rather, around it. Problem now is that because of the water collecting around that corner of the bath area, the tile colour seems to be becoming darker. More accurately, at the area where the water always is. So, spoke to contractor. Said that water is most probably collecting under the tiles. As I did not hack the floor, but rather, I overlayed the existing tiles with mine, she says that she has to charge me for the repair works. Firstly, is her assessment of the problem accurate? And secondly, is this really "not her fault" and such, I am the one who has to pay for the repairs? THanks in advance guys.
  7. I thought tenant pay half month commission?
  8. Haha I actually live in Chiltern Park too. But in a 2br unit. Now, finding it a bit small, and if I wanna have a family in future, it will definitely be too small. But, 3BR unit too expensive for me. Shold have bought a 3br unit instead last time when the prices were low. Guess have to shift out to another area.
  9. Scala will be hot cake? But they say its going for about 1200 psf! Uh oh, meaning prices this area gonna go up further??? Have to shift out liao...
  10. Wah, i was in Amsterdam with some friends and one of my friends bought the basic model for 158 Euros only. THat is after a 50 Euro discount given for the month of June. And in Singapore, it's being sold at SGD500+. Piangz...
  11. Anyone here using a 38" ceiling fan? The one I have is useless! I sit directly underneath and I feel a bit of breeze. I sit at the dining area 2 meters away and I feel nothing. Every day, dinner time is a sweaty affair. Getting really fed up and uncomfortable.
  12. Best Denki at Plaza Singapura closing down. Got some good deals there.
  13. Oh that area. Back in 07, I almost bought a unit at Fruition. Didn't really like the layout. Then, almost bought a unit at Vitra over at Tembeling Road. But, think too much ended up didn't buy. So this Straits Residences, 400+ psf I guess, not 4000+ right?
  14. The Scala over at Lorong Chuan MRT station had a sneak preview, so I headed over to take a peek since I live nearby. They haven't released the pricing yet, but they say, its about 1200 psf. *faint* Was quite tempted to put in a cheque, but I think it's a wee bit out of my comfort zone.
  15. Good to hear! I also enjoyed Santorini more. Not so much of a partying person either. Hope you didn't stuck with the demonstrations going on in Athens.