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  1. so many QS supporters here. Myself am as well. Its good to bring the knowledge and share with people who are looking at laminate floors. Only with knowledge, we can choose what we really want. I'm going for largo and eligna series. For balcony, most likely I will do tiles. Save the trouble in future. Oh yah for those doing laminate floor for their HDB flat, don't cover all the way till the main door entrance else when those worker who washed the block bi-monthly will damage your laminate.
  2. wah so fast sign up liao ah? I'm doing it after my first appt Cool! Another Jason's work to be seen soon.
  3. haha good good thanks. Must scrap the idea of having pebbles liao. Lazy people must choose less area cleaning items! Cool! We will get to see one another t-blog liao lor I wonder if we sign for the laminate floor together got discount bo... u confirm taking quick-step?
  4. very big house leh Congrats! How come no pebbles for the walk in area? My wife is requesting for that. Mind sharing? Your first appt and mine is on the same mth. June. Mine is on the 21st. Getting key maybe around Sept period.
  5. khengjoo, fully agreed with you. I'm looking forward to the installation which will only happen end of the year! sian I'm having the largo series in my living room, eligna for my bedroom. i think 2m for bedroom is abit extreme as bedroom is smaller. Largo got vgroove and eligna dont have. 2 design is better than standard lah Balcony, i still thinking whether to put laminate or chennai wood.
  6. The reason why I choose quickstep is cause of the laminate printing which i like it very much. It is a very much of a personal preference.
  7. go for laminate flooring its better. if you guys want to use my sale guys from quick-step singapore, drop me a pm lor he's pretty good so far... i haven't sign with him yet as im still waiting for my 1st appt sianz
  8. 8K okay mah can have more money to do reno. Mine haven even include the reno cost. Sigh...
  9. Sorry if my message isn't that clear. What I'm referring to is before exercising of OTP, both seller and buyer should be make aware of the situation. Seller will need more time, say 2 mths more. During the 1st appt, both seller and buyer will then inform the HDB officer that the 2nd appt will be dragged till a max of 16th week after the 1st appt. Whatever the situation is, the seller have to move out on the eve of 2nd appt date. As buyer, we shouldnt be allowing them to stay after we have received the keys. SC, electricity, instalment etc etc is under our costs. But why are some buyer and seller agreed to the date of the 2nd appt and later find out that they cant move out in time and charge rental?
  10. From other posts, I do notice that many users are advising buyer to impose rental charges to the seller if they don't move out after the 2nd appointment. Correct me if I'm wrong in the process. Case A: Both buyer and seller must agreed and signed a hand written letter stating that seller needs an extension of 1 or 2 months stay as they need to find a place, renovate and move in before handing the keys to you. Because you have the letter signed, during the first appointment, show it to the HDB officer and drag the 2nd appointment to the 12th week after 1st appointment. Case B: Both buyer and seller or agent cock up, never brief both parties that there is a chance that buyer will need longer stay. All happen after 2nd appointment that buyer requests for extension of stay for 1-2mths. HDB is not aware and is a personal arrangement. Now buyer start to impose rental fee. Personally, i feel that if I'm selling to you my flat, I must definitely have a roof on top of me before I release the house to you. Why will I want to purposely drag passing the keys to you? As buyer, I feel sometime we need to be more understanding, it may delayed our renovation and move in date etc etc but end of the day, we just want to feel happy buying the flat. You happy selling, I'm happy buying it. So why want to earn money from the buyers? Please put COV aside as that is the agreed COV that you as a buyer willing to pay.
  11. i also will be using quick-step as well. Look at the gradient, test result, feedback. They don't do heavy advertisement which I feel it translated the price saving to the consumer. Also another considering factor is they have 2meter board which can further enhance the look of the living room.
  12. I just bought a 5room at sembawang as well. 300m away from Mrt, mid floor, stone throw away to canberra pri sch, paid 26K cov. Seems like i paid a pretty high cov
  13. Yah i know. i have no time nor the knowledge to be the project manager. I found a great guy to be my PM though. Just need the interior part to be settle first. Paying 500 - 1K for interior design is it reasonable?
  14. What is the rationale behind Dave's personal preference of 50-50? Seriously I can't find a solid reason to justify why it must be a 50-50. Progressive payment is still a safer bet. I thought we are paying Intradesign and not to Dave? They are drawing pay/commission from Intradesign? Why is different staffs got different policy and standard? Look at LS/Jason cases. End of the day, there will still be people falling into this trap one lah. I'm shortlisting intradesign as one of my ID to visit as well but if Dave has such policy, I'm sure to siam meeting him cause I know such policy is unacceptable for me.
  15. Right. Everyone knows that finding a contractor is a cheaper way. I came across a thread that mention that nowadays contractors are flooded with renovation work and if ID gets a few deals is consider very good already. If browse through the forum, many recommend good IDs but not contractors? Correct me if I'm wrong. Contractors on the another hand, are they accredited from HDB? Do they have a company? If they do, their company name should be like ABC Contractors and not XXX Interior design? I don't know. I'm still looking for contractors but can't seem to find any.
  16. Jaskel, If you have any recommendation, drop me a pte msg. I will really appreciate that. Thanks.
  17. I just exercise my OTP last week and embark my next journey to find either ID or contractor. No confirmation yet. Reading and researching on this forum and notice that there is ALOT of shadow poster here. Who to believe, you don't know. I have shortlisted a few IDs and will be speaking to them soon after gathering my requirements. Correct me if I'm wrong, going for IDs mean that I will be not be able to go for quality material as cost is higher. Contractor you can choose but no ID's design theme. Quality may be better. It is just pain in the a**. I have shortlisted two type of lamination, pergo and quickstep. I'm more gear towards quickstep but can't find any dealer dealing with them. Sigh... End of the day, I may be choosing pergo practiq or expression. I'm still pinning the hope of finding an ID who can design and allow me to choose my own material. They will only charge labor and coordination work. Possible?
  18. Hi, I'm thinking of engaging a firm who will only do the interior design part and you will find the contractors yourself. Anyone knows which company does that?
  19. you are right eugela, approval can be done and not illegal from the start. My bad. I did verify with HDB and it is a case by case basis.
  20. I can't point out a clause stating that. If anyone who wants to tilt their door, best advice is to submit for approval. "Do whatever you want but don't get caught"
  21. I advise those who going to tilt their main door to go private instead of discussing this openly in the forum. You don't know who is looking here. Tilting of main door is illegal. Imagine your neighbors kpo or you offended your neighbors, they complain to HDB and officer comes to your place, they will ask you to tilt it back else prepare to pay summon. Imagine further if you tilt it back, the entire fengshui will be wrong and more cost will incur and most likely you will move house after 5 years period because the feng shui that is formatted is base on the angle of your main door.
  22. england, How do you able to trust anyone who will know the FSM is good or bad? No one is able to. You can't trace down where he learnt his skills from. We can only trust from words of mouth, worst of all, internet. Who is behind the screen typing it, we don't know. Its as good as trusting a stranger and believe in his words. No offense here. I'm just stating an analogy. May be a bad one. I'm not condemning FSM as I still believe in it BUT as Ivy said, who to believe and base on what? People who strike rich? http://www.monstersandcritics.com/people/r...s-Diana-auction Look at the case of Princess Diana and the HK billionaire lady. Our wealth is no where near theirs but look at what both of them want to have out from feng shui? Its not money but something else. But did they manage to change it? They only manage to change their mindset and get peace of mind after consulting a FSM. Someone told me this, fengshui 1/3, Destiny 1/3, Own control over our own life 1/3. We may have focus too much on the first third and neglected the other two perspective.
  23. sigh think not very nice for me to say out their names, i believe in not causing harm to people rice bowl look under the thread that i setup in fengshui section
  24. I'm a first timer, about to get married and buy our own home and I do believe in Feng shui since young, maybe under the influence of the older generation. IMO, most people are following it closely for one reason, wealth or money. For me, I just want to have harmony and health in my family. No wealth position, I'm perfectly fine with it. I believe destiny and my own hard work will pay off, exercise regularly, eat right and love for my family is the essential. I don't play mahjong, gamble, 4D or Toto. Learning from other people experience, we think it is good to find a FSM for our first house since its pretty much harmless. I found a FSM who practice classical feng shui and invited him down to audit my house before I exercise OTP. While he auditing the unit, I'm praying hard nothing goes wrong but my worst nightmare came true. He recommend me to drop the house. Both of us are very busy with work and our commitment. Drawing few hours nightly to see house by house and matching the criteria of ours is already a pain. Imagine FSM came down and said No, not recommended to take this unit. You will have to restart the entire process again and again. Everyone who consult a FSM should know, you need to match his time to come down to audit the unit. Imagine, you need to arrange the time of the seller, your wife/husband time, FSM time. If FSM can't make it or need few days to response, the unit may be gone by then. It is really hard to find a unit where both like it, parents like it, good location etc etc. Out of 10 criteria for example, it matches 8-9 of it. In this case, I decided to at least call another FSM and see what he will says. It is just like, when you are diagnose with AIDS, you tend to consult doctors, do blood tests twice. This time round another FSM said, it can be fixed. There bound to have remedy to rectify the problem. It began to strike me with this, all FSMs come from different schools of thought. There isn't any standardization nor 2 masters will sing the same song. If we take it too seriously, we live our life in fear, everything we do may relate to feng shui. Our life no longer can be within our control as there is always a barrier unconsciously. Some ask for stocks price, some ask for wealth, when is a good time/month to give birth, color of car, carplate number, IMHO unconsciously people are getting obsessive with it. I almost lost myself while chasing after FS because of wanting to have a harmony and healthy family. just like people who goes into stock market is out of good intention to earn more money for their family but because of greed they lost money in it.