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  1. hi anyone got recommendations for ppl who does granite top at 80 per foot run?
  2. knn ****ed up. lamidoor folded and i thought nevermind let him do my kitchen, he went to find a malaysian carpenter who quality of work is like ****. now he mia, ****ed up hald done job. no one wants to take over. anyone here can recommend?
  3. how much you paid for? i was aiming villa verde before buying tai keng. i like the american layout the most where the kitchen is at the front door and the living is at the back. the back yard is like a garden instead, very nice.
  4. Market practise is landlord but paid by tenant. nowadays agent help you stamp but still tenant pay.
  5. thanks bro, dont mind to share the id?
  6. they got philips led downlight as well? i m looking at philips downlight. was recommended 100 peice but i think 50 to 70 is enough. which shop and how much?
  7. how much do you charge for a land, first floor about 900 sf. 1) hack and install marble tiles 2) overlay marble tiles. i provide the tiles. if i want to over lay one toliet about 50 sf. plus 4 walls about 3.5m tall how much?
  8. when we bought this house we know its tight! but my dad insisted on buying and force me to share.
  9. 5 rooms. but i need maybe 6 panels for 3 rooms. the other 2 rooms, 2 panels can liao. raise platform about 500sf. its a small detach. bought cheap but still exhuast our $$$ greatly after completion.
  10. mine also d19, i need wet kitchen in the yard, dry kit inside, wadrodes fpr 6 rooms. lights for the whole place and a raise platform cover maybe in wood for 500 sf.plus some minor stuffs here and there? think 50k possible? no hacking and tiling. i dont think there is much to do but when i go id, they seem ready to chop me. stress,,,
  11. ****!!! looks like my hopes of doing a kitchen, lights, wardrodes and a raise platform for 50k is noy possible.
  12. er 30k? not inclusive of floor tiling?
  13. the most important thing is, your husband income. can he support the loan himself? simple calculation, currently monthly liabilites, eg car loan, cash loan + loan monthly repayment / monthly income must not be above or more than 40%. if not get a relative/friend whom qualifies the above to gaurantee the loan. tell your relative to tahun 3yrs. after that refi the loan out to other banks and he will be released as the gaurantor. but of course ppl help you dont harm ppl lah. now which bank you should approach. try ocbc as their mortgage bankers have monthly hdb targets to meet. so they are more desperate for hdb loan. imagine doing 20m but no hdb no com. they will try theri best to appeal through. next time dont anyhow spend. as long as you have overdues, late payments, partial payments or minimum payments or structure payments. you are considered undesirable aka smelly leg. be it the amount owing only few k and your income is full hundred k also dont help. as in credit rating, this reflects on your character. small amount like this, imagine big amount how to pay.
  14. they do the leg work for you, they earn the referrer fees. basically thats all. but please bear in mind, take note of your legal fees and always make sure it fair. currently market rate for private is all in plus stamp 2.5k plus another 300 for cpf thingy.