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  1. Hi, How much you paid for Laundry Hanger from Home Niche? Whats the model number?
  2. How much was ur final reno bill? Pls PM me
  3. Hi...Any latest pics to share with us to see the transformaation of your house....
  4. Hi, Anybody approach this ID for ur renovation? ANy feedback about this firm?
  5. Hai SYLGSP, Please update your feedback so far with Home Reno. Thx
  6. Can any1 PM me Ah Keong's and Mr Quek's contact details ??
  7. Can you PM me Jason's quotation ?
  8. Whats the standard price for a TV Feature wall **** room?
  9. Hi All, Below is the quotation i received from an ID. I really need everyones help to know whether the quotation is reasonable. TOILET 1-a) Wall tiles up to ceiling heights $1,700.00 1-b) Floor tiles with waterproofing $1,100.00 1-c) Hacking of 2 toilets $1,000.00 1-d) Replace new expose piping $550.00 1-e) Purchase and install the following: 2 units of toilet bowl $550.00 2 units of handwash sink $360.00 2 units of spray rinser with stop cock $100.00 2 untis of aluminium adnoin bifold door with acrylic panel $360.00 2 units of unstant heater with shower set $420.00 2 units of 2 way tap $80.00 2 units of handwash basin tap $80.00 2 units of toilet accessories $120.00 1-f) Uplifting of goods and material $180.00 kitchen Rebuilt kitchen cabinets and flooring One unit of top and bottom laminate at the kitchen cabinet : For area A. 1- 8 $2,970.00 For area B. 2 - 7 2-a) Cabinet base for : Area A $280.00 Area B 2-b) Hack off kitchen flooring $220.00 2-c) Waterproofing works $150.00 2-d) Laying of kitchen flooring $850.00 Build - in cabinet 3-a) Master Bedroom - 2.2m. x 4/height $1,450.00 3-b) Bedroom 2 - 1.7m x flr height $1,120.00 3-c) Bedroom 3 - 1.7m x flr height $1,120.00 Built cabinet under the windows of the bedrooms 4-a) Master Bedroom - 2300L 4-b) Bedroom 2 - 2000L 4-c) Bedroom 3 - 2000L $3,260.00 4-d) Study - 3600 Rebuilt study room with sliding door and inbuilt cabinet together ith table 5-a) Rebuilt study room with sliding door with temper glass come with top hang glass $1,650.00 5-b) One unit of study table (1700L) with cabinet (1 -5m) $1,750.00 TV console in lamination at the Living room (2.4) $800.00 6-a) Wall paper for the living area (280) $1,300.00 6-b) Feature wall at the living room $1,400.00 7-a) Main balcony door to remove $120.00 7-b) Main balcony door to make good $180.00 7-c) Topping up main balcony floor with polyster foam $250.00 7-d Relay new balcony flooring $380.00 8. Installation of 4 units of wooden door frame 3 Bedrooms $600.00 1 store room $200.00 9. Full house wiring $3,048.00 10-a) Repair for the whole house $1,250.00 10-b) Polishing of whole house marble $1,300.00 Aircon 11-a) system 3 inverter (toshiba) $2,650.00 11-b) system 1 non inverter (panasonic) $1,550.00 11-c) stainless steel bracket $2,20.00 11-d) subject to HDB requirement 12-a) Hand wash basin with re-routing of inlet and outlet piping $450.00 13) Acid Washing $280.00 Grand total $39,388.00 I require your valuable inputs on each pricing....
  10. I will post the measurements once i get it ...thanks
  11. I am looking for a competitive quote, as i have seen in forum some cost are little bit higher.
  12. Guys, i have received following quote for my 5 room, Please advise if it is reasonable . Full house wiring Units Price 9-a) DB 1 $300.00 $300.00 9-b) light points 15 $30.00 $450.00 9-c) light installation 15 $12.00 $180.00 9-d) ceiling fan installation 5 $38.00 $190.00 9-e) 13 x 2 15 $60.00 $900.00 9-f) 13 x 1 3 $50.00 $150.00 9-g) 15 Amp x 1 4 $90.00 $360.00 9-h) TV point 3 $100.00 $300.00 9-i) TEL point 1 $48.00 $48.00 9-j) Earth point 2 $30.00 $60.00 TOtal :- $2,938.00
  13. Can any one assist me to give me guided price the stainless steel bracket ?? As i have received a quote $1200 for 2 stainless steel bracket
  14. Mighty Angel,Weiwei & Ivy Thanks for your feedback and am still waiting for other ID's to quote for the same ...... For the above quote they have not mentioned any brands or measurements. Will post the other quotes shortly
  15. Dear all, I have received a quote from an ID for my requested works for my recently purchased 5 room. 1. Two toilets full renovation (give us the concealed plumping quote)--$6,200.00 2. Rebuilt kitchen cabinets and flooring (hack down wall tiles we do no require tiles on the wall) --$6760.00 3. Built cabinet in all three bedroom --$6300.00 4. Built cabinet under the windows of the bedrooms (optional) --$7500.00 1. Rebuilt study room with sliding door and inbuilt cabinet together with table. --$7,900.00 2. TV console with wall paper in living hall -$2,700.00 3. Main balcony level up and remove current sliding doors --$800.00 4. Remove all current door frames 4 nos excluding the main door + supply wooden door frames.(Doors not required)--$1200.00 5. Repainting for the whole unit + Polishing the marble floor living, dining and three bedrooms--$1,900.00 6.concealed pipings for kitchen and toilet ---$1,300.00 Total $42,460.00 7%gst 2972.20 Total $45,432.00 Please guide me with your comments and recommendations .
  16. Hi Honeyclub, Can u pm me your ID @ Darwin Interior contact details? I tried pm you, but yuor inbox is full. Thanks in advance
  17. Hi , Can u PM me your ID's contact