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  1. Are you able to provide the length of the handle? I have a shop right below me that specially sell door handles, I can just walk in to ask them.
  2. Agree that you can get it within your budget. Since there's nothing much; you can organize & manage yourself on the reno as well (save cost)
  3. What furniture are u intending to purchase?
  4. Just normal cleaning? You can get china cleaners. Or you are cleaning cos u just done your reno?
  5. Should be around that price. Yours so ex because of the 'wall tiles'
  6. Squarish is better than weird shapes... Indeed master br is smaller or should I say almost same size as other br.
  7. Then you need to find general contractor who can communicate with the workers. Anyway what are you doing for your house?
  8. Wow... To be solid concrete, you need builder to do up the foundation. Anyway i don't think HDB is another to do due to low ceiling & the structure of the flat. Maybe condo or landed is still achievable.
  9. Hacking need HDB permit. Unless u can find a sub con who has that.
  10. Seller say only. Verify with HDB (it's just an email away), whether the false ceiling is by HDB or not, you still need to ask them for approval to that ceiling if you intend to install ceiling fan.
  11. You can try but not so much till they get a loss, anyway are you doing other stuffs under them as well?
  12. Installment is available, I recommend that as you get to use your $ elsewhere. And also u don't have to cough out so much and save by eating instant mee...
  13. I thot so at first. Weird if installing such expensive flooring and yet got this prob... kekeke. Thanks. Wuga