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  1. Does anyone else has any other recommendations of rubbish chute other then Maxden and Riben?
  2. Hi Worldangel Do you visit your place often during the renovation?
  3. I recommend D & A Curtain, provides good service and reasonable pricing.
  4. Same here, I was at Best Denki and the sales guy also recommended Hitachi that comes with chiller. Since you have the same recommendation, now I wonder if the brand is offering the shop higher commission for selling their products...
  5. Hi Beany0811, how much does the solar film cost you?
  6. daze


    Just visited Cellini's Park Mall outlet yesterday, they have the promotion of $2998 for full leather sofa, TV console and another item. I must say I prefer shopping in their Park Mall outlet as compared to the other branch I visited earlier, the staff at Park Mall branch help each other unlike the other branch which is more competitive and the staff are more hard sell. We were so impressed with the service (and the offer of course haha) that me and my hubby decided to purchase all our furniture on that very day. We got a 3 seater sofa, coffee table, side table, dining table and a seperate chair to be place together with sofa. We got to select the materials/ colour etc of the furniture we bought =) Oh ya must give thumbs up to Jenny who served us, she doesn't push us to decide and allow us to think through what we want =) Hopefully, the delivery service will be just as smooth and the furniture turns out ok...
  7. Does solar film really reduce the heat? I asked for a quotation and it cost more then $1500 for 2 bedrooms and the living area
  8. Look at the pencil marking, it says 3ft by 1.5ft
  9. Thanks that's a great idea! I received Patrick's revised quote and he quoted $400 more for the dining mirror cum haulage (as compared to his previous quote), does anyone has any idea what does haulage mean?
  10. daze


    Thanks all for replying =) Batman, I know what you mean cuz I have look around in the market, for similiar designs their price seem reasonable. But I have not use their products so just want to be sure =)
  11. Does anyone knows if it is advisable to install rainshower with concealed piping? ie. the rainshower just shows in the ceiling and the pipe is hiden behind the wall. Will there be problem with maintenace thereafter? Also, I am not sure what does the defect guarantee entails for condo but one contractor advises that I should not install the rainshower with conceal pipe as he is concern that the Management will not honour the gurantee. Any comments from anyone is appreciated thanks =)
  12. Oh my god I think I am the one kena chopped. The contractor quote me for 1.3k for feature wall and 900 for TV console
  13. oh then perhaps its me haha... my appointment with him is at 1pm... Its assuring to hear that you are please with his services =) perhaps we might engage him... see how it goes... Need your advise and the rest of the forumers advise. I always wanted a rainshower but Patrick says its not adviseable cuz I don't want the pipe of the rainshower to be seen so need to hack the wall and link the pipe up to the ceiling. and because mine is a private apartment he is worried for us that the Management might not give us the defects guarantee after we hack the bathroom =( so sad. Do you think I should ignore the warranty part and just get my dream rainshower or heed Patrick's advise?
  14. daze


    Oh yes another thing to add, their package promotion is still on. This time is bedframe + sofa + another item which I cannot remember. The salesperson also mentioned that Cellini is 23 years old so there is some kind of discount, I think its 23% off. Not sure how it is calculated as he just tell us the nett amount after pressing on the calculator.