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  1. Bought a Bosch WM and when it was delivered, there was brown stains on the rubber rim! Am really upset cuz the stain has penetrated the rubber and cannot be removed, even with Jif. The delivery guy insisted that the stains were normal cuz Bosch apparently test each WM b4 it is shipped and that the stains were the result of them not cleaning the Wm properly before shipping out.. Anyone can help advise if this is true or how plausible this is? Bosch technician came to check and said that at most they will try to see if they can change the rubber rim for me. Shd I accept this or insist on a new WM? M worried that this is a re-conditioned unit... :'(
  2. sometimes i wonder how accurate demos are.. there was this guy at HN trying so hard to sell me the Electrolux WM and I was very convinced by his demo and such... until i saw this forum. buy bigger also not bad lah - taking into account next time when we have kids .. lol
  3. Hello bro & sis!! I was initially very keen on 28444 but realized it is not very practical. As there will only be my hubby & me together, will it be a waste to use a 8kg machine?? Mind reccomending a 7 kg Bosch washer or is 5 kg better?? Will need to wash king size bedsheets
  4. wow! care to share your lobang for the Bosch washer
  5. http://www.sanus.com/us/en/products/vision...l-motion-mount/ perfect timing! I am also looking ard for the full motion mount for TVs! Am thinking of using it for my MBR 32"" TV. Harvey Norman wanted to charge me 270 for the cheaper one or 400 for the more sturdy one! What is the cost range of this kind of mount?
  6. I called Kong Tai and the nice lady told me that all Bosch WM comes with 2 years warranty with effect from today Is that true? anyone can verify? Actually I dunno if Electrolux is better or Bosch? Say EWF1082 vs WAS28444.. any comments?
  7. Dear KM, Am thinking of getting Brandt FE811XS1, is it good for baking cakes and cookies? Read that for cakes, it is better to get those with the function top and bottom heating element with fan... is it the same as traditional pulsed function under this model? Brandt catalogue Am reading the catalogue and there is not a single mention of which function is good for cakes thanks!
  8. hmmm i went poh seng (besides GR Link) the other day.. the lady boss is very friendly and nice. Prices reasonable as well. Im wondering if Poh Seng is the same as Poh Joo? Where is Poh Joo?? I checked the website and the address shown is 159 Jln Besar.. that is now 7-Eleven!! This is how I chanced upon Poh Seng.
  9. woww... your house is really gorgeous! when is the handover going to be? Anyway, I remembered that you had some contacts for customised sofas - do u mind PMing me or posting them here?? Cuz of my layout, I have very limited space for sofas - can't buy most of the ready ones outside. thanks in advance!!
  10. Dear KM, Am so thankful I found this thread~ love to bake tho not very good at it. For my new hse, I want to install a nice oven and this seems like a good recommendation! hmm.. does this have the self cleaning panels? What's the difference between catalytic or pyrolytic type ovens? .. also, why and how do we pre-heat the oven? sorry for asking so many questions - am really noob when it comes to electronics! lol
  11. congrats Seng on the start of the reno of your dream house! the 3D pics are looking great! May I ask you how much you bought the following for> 2 x 18W PLC lights lights for the bar top door bell induction hob Pretty noob in these technical areas.. hahhaa thanks!
  12. thanks bro.. went to google on GST. "How does GST work GST is a self-assessed tax. Businesses must come forward to register for GST when their turnover exceeds $1mil per year. After registration, businesses must charge and account for GST at the prevailing rate. This is known as output tax. GST registered businesses can also claim the GST incurred on their goods and services purchased assuming certain conditions are met. This is known as input tax." In that case, going to a smaller firm w/o gst can mean substantial savings for new home owners like us
  13. great, thanks babe!! have just sent him an email. am gg to call him tom since Im looking for someone trustworthy
  14. Hmm, is it the norm for IDs not to charge GST? I have received a quotation and the GST part is ard 4-5K. Btw, cateyes2004sg, am loving your 3D drawings. Can PM me Kenneth's hp/email?