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  1. go to the verge..i got mine at the verge.(tekka mall)
  2. ya .. what chono says is correct.. just need to need know- will HDB / town council responsible to the repair damage of wooden flooring.. now damages is in bedroom n living..=( i heard there one year of so call warranty by HDB of internal structure.. Pls higlights Thanks evryone
  3. Hi We got our Resale open market HDB 5 room keys in Dec last yr. Move in Feb. During the midst of renovation, found out the water sipping in from the at the bottom sides of the full glass window when it rains. Call up town concil and HDB and still waiting for their reply. May i know Who will be responsible for the cracks? Is there any warranty from HDB within a year? Now my flooring laminates damaged. Who will bear the cost to get it repaired? Any ideas?
  4. Just dont buy from them..THEY SCREWWW UP! LAst DEC We bought a sofa and dining table from their sales staff name Marcus.He has a excellent customer service which we make another last purchase which is the carpet 1. Purchased and paid more 90% of the cost item. 2.Schdule and confirm in feb the delivery oder fews weeks before the date . 3. When call to confirm again.1 day before- they overlooked and screw up 4.Insist to have it delivery.dont mind waiting the last delivery. It came at 10pm 5.10pm they came- the workers nv bring screw for the set-up of dining table. SCREW up 2nd time 6. When set- up the next dy- the chairs is not up to expectation. rust here n there. Is that suppose to be the way for more than 2k of dining set? 7. Dining top still moves and wobbles..so much like IKEA stuff. 8. the marble are not evenly polished..have patches.. So last payment was held for them to rectifed the product. No calls till few mths later.Even after the carpet was delivered. So SCREW up again. Carpet- Waited about 1mt for it to arrive..which was fully paid. and so Delivery guy expect the last payment frm the other set to be made. No repairs no rectification- how to make payment.- after days Check out with the salesman. HE RESIGNED. ONE MONTH later - FC counter offer to offset the balance 10% or chose to send back to polish for 2 LONG WEEKS Aggreed to the 1st option. Schedule for them to collect the payment and rectify the the rust and wobble top. and again! SCREW UP..nv come for the timing !! So hows that show u..
  5. I got mine for 1.8k for 5 room flat..but the re-wriring..Using their own product.. Legrand Mallia Series.. Its cool to me.. But some of it, we change to grey color to match our theme house..so total is about less than 2.2k For us its reasonable.. and good after sales service Our ID charge 3.8k for the first quote
  6. Just wana share with everyone..so far i bought the bed frame not that bad. still sturdy.. though i dont like the headboard design , but i guess with the right color shod be ok..So far who came n see, they like it..check out the my bed profile foto at Facebook..Nora Jay Adams
  7. I agreed! they are pricey! and not worth... Diffrent outlet, diffrent prices However we dealt with salesguy name marcus..he can give good prices. But never expect such service from them when about to deliver
  8. Ya dont buy frm them The products seems not worth to buy. Bought their marble dining set. They claim it frm Greece. But its actually frm China ( we have alraedy check as black marble MArquina come frm China) Even their wooden crate was stencil frm China Their chairs when tested in their showroom- looks n feel sturdy but when delivery- feel so cheapo i agreed- the sales guy @ Imm and bach road like gangster..but though we bought frm other saleman frm Keppel. He was nice guy.
  9. We are the unlucky ones.. Was horrified when we drop by to their Marina Outlet. The notice says close for busniess. Fully paid - 2 items that bought last July to catch their huge discout 50% off. Keep on postponing due to our house keys delayed and renovation in progress. If we have known, should have just have ask them to send. Talked to their Liquidator- outcome will be given by next week.
  10. hie gemini, can i check with u how is ur kitchen cabinet? mine is sucks. super low workmanship.. now im goin renovation bluess.. pm me pls
  11. Use contractor..they will accomadate to whatever ur needs and they are more practical too. Its save u alot of money.. Our biggest regret is to engage an ID..which u cant liase directly to the supplier.. So there will be always middle man talk and commisiion.
  12. Hie, Mee too goin for 4poster bed U can try the website.. ecollink.com ( i think so) Saw their poster bed in Furniture Mall n Park Mall. But in limewash color.( white-yellowish). Not really my type of head board but looks solid..
  13. Yes i agree with gemini.. Before sign all nice, all ok. After sign..true color will come out..whose ur ID? Now ite been a month and still dusty with cements n debrris..