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  1. Hi,

    Checked with you how is your front gate, no rust? How much you paid and what is the contact for Metal Foundry? Thanks



  2. we customized from YKTOH http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_4l35ItIxJwg/S7Gk...00/IMG_2324.JPG You can stack up shelves according to your needs http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_4l35ItIxJwg/TC22...se+Painting.jpg
  3. jus to share mine the build in storage cabinet is just right behind the string curtain.... http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_4l35ItIxJwg/TJrU...00/DSC_0148.JPG inner compartment, bottom level
  4. mine is white color as well...... I cooked every weekend, so far no problem. if hit stain, can use Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner to wipe away, very useful!
  5. Our house finally done up after moved in for 5 months! Would like to share our humble house, renovated by Ideal House Mr.K here... Reliable and prompt service ID! Enjoy~ http://calmicsanctuaryhome.blogspot.com
  6. Our renovation done by Mr.K. We were so glad to engage him as our ID. Very prompt, and reliable ID! We truly satisfied with his work and services, well done to him! No regret! Welcome to view the reno progress by Mr.K and the final outcome by him http://calmicsanctuaryhome.blogspot.com
  7. Just to share our front gate photo... from Metal Foundry. Very good material with anti-duplicate locking system from Makoto Japan
  8. Hi Flatster, We bought our basin from Lite Fusion, while toilet bowl from Universal Union... both reasonable price. But also depends on which brand u bought. 780 Upper Serangoon Road #01-06 Choon Kim House S534649 Tel: 68584618 Fax: 68581154 710 Geylang Road (next to Lor 44) Singapore 389625
  9. hi foursprings, dun tink is bed bugs. looked like dust mites more.. had asked Simmons to take it back and ask for refund.. haiz, really Sui..
  10. My Simmons new bedframe. 1st delivered, saw few types of tiny bugs crawling at the base of the bed frame. Thus, we request Simmons to take it back and re-do 1 for us. We received the 2nd bed frame on Sat, my hb managed to spot tiny bugs again, but only 1 type of the species. The bug was really really tiny, but lesser compare to the 1st bed frame. Can I ask anyone encounter this before? Is that normal that new bedframe will have this problem? And it will goes away soon? Thanks!
  11. hi jeffcraze, Heard not cheap, roughly few hundred dollars. As they will come and spray whole house even though you only aim for 1 room. I did once, but did by my best friend hubby. He's in pets control company.....
  12. We customized from YKToh Marketing. Quote is base on your store room sqm. The material is really durable and save space especially for narrow store room... every section can adjust according to your own needs. I have photos in my blog... Call 67468622 look for Amber.