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  1. I off he main switch of system 1 inverter daikin when not in use as read in this forum --save electricity save $$$ so far so gd.... ??? will malfunction in long run?
  2. hi thx checked WC water pumb, taps, etc - all seemed ok, no leaking only WC- spray/hose leaks a bit after usage but that stops daily,when nobody's home & no water is being used , water meter runs 0.007 cubic meters (12 hrs approx.) is that ok? so far no water seepage marks/rings/ discolorations on walls & false ceilings thx
  3. Suspect that theres leaking from 20+ yrs old concealed pipes as water bill's very high - (average water usage) was thinking of engaging some PUB licensed -plumbers to check if concealed copper pipes are leaking somewhere, anyone did this b4? or have any solutions for similar problem? pls advise thx
  4. hi pls pm me contact for spray paint over tiles pls thx...
  5. hi pls pm me jaskel's contact for sediment flooring..thx feedback pls from those who did the sediment flooring thx
  6. anyone who has jadens' shower panel contact, pls pm me contact no , thanks!
  7. try best denki saw honey welll & ' blue air" i think but latter costs $500++ with gd reviews
  8. maxbond?-- but very ugly or clear, silicone or the clear glue used for pvc pipes ( jap brand) then paste clear 3m tape
  9. sooo how... ? installed fixed glass panels already? update plss
  10. must clean house after renovation but I hate cleaning any contacts for pre- move in cleaning? relaible & reasonable charges pls any local aunties with experience to rescue me? researched this forumm mkt rate is $12 per hr? minimim 3 hrs? & also must provided all cleaning stuff? pls pm me TIA help!
  11. only way to reduce noise from outside is to close / seal off the windows from my experience,
  12. mr wood varnish -- fair service, really dust-free but workmanship so so - workers--sigh wont engage them again