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  1. Hi! I have one of this too! Mine recently broke down. Did you managed to find a replacement? Please share the cost and where you managed to find it. Thanks!
  2. Hi experts and gurus, I would like to find out if this is a common practice? Buyers request to take keys prior to 2nd completion appt? They are not doing any sort of reno (which is covered by a standard reno indemnity form from HDB), they wana so some cleaning, painting and prob move some belongings. Agent claims its a common industry practice. but ownership is still with w sellers, SP services not transferred. What if something goes wrong, who will be liable? Should sellers reject the buyer's request? Or can a compromise be made? Agreements? Thanks for advice!
  3. ups for anyone wants t5 tubes for renovations
  4. Hi all, still available. Pls help me clear my store!
  5. Hi, I have purchased extra T5 tubes from Philips (with original Philips tube holder) (all cool white). One 4ft - S$18 each Two 3ft - S$16 each Three 2ft - S$14 each All comes with connectors and are in original packaging (opened for checking only), not connected for use yet.Please contact me via pm if anyone is interested. I have no use for these excess tubes. Thanks for looking. Cheers wildfaye
  6. Hi everyone, I have S$1,100 worth of credits from plush beds. It is sufficient to purchase a King storage bedframe in leather. You can choose the design and colour of the bedframe. If anyone is interested, please contact me via pm, so that u and me can go to the shop for u to choose and arrange for fabrication and delivery. The $1,100 will be sold to you at a $1,000. Cheers.
  7. Hi carrotcakegirl. I sent u a pm, pls take a look. Cheers!
  8. hi, i doing an A&A on my house. can u you PM me?

  9. Hi, may I know your vendor for the termite treatment? Pm me if not convenient. Thanks!
  10. Hi both, I have sent you both a PM rgding your A&A. Hope to hear from you. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, thanks for your replied. I have enquired with UOB and DBS and understand that this is essentially called Home Equity Financing. The bank will loan 60% of the valuation of the property, however, any CPF utilised and accrued CPF interest must be deducted to derived at the actual loan to be disbursed. Rates are very attractive, at approx 1.5% p.a. and you can loan up to the max tenor based on your age. Cheers!
  12. Hi, we have a fully paid up property. We need some cash ($300k) for other purposes. Can we use the property as collateral to obtain a loan? The mkt value of the property is 1.5M. What are they types of loan avail? and rates? Help appreciated! Thanks!