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  1. Dear mr chong Really need your advise. My stove is either facing the kitchen entrance or the kitchen yard window. Wat is your advise which want is not so serious.
  2. Hi Madcad Am wondering how is your experience abt using this rinnai combo? Im also thinking to get it. Vs Fujioh. But fujioh chimmy design quite obiangz but I need high and good suction Pls share your experience
  3. Hi Grace.. do the custom ask u to tax? Where is the address of this fancy lightings. You also get toilet ancessories there?
  4. Hi Adah, thanks so much to your recommendation. I managed to get kenneth to do up my place.His really good and we really love him and his working attitude . Really a blissing in disgust as we had waited 3 mths and finally able to get him to do our place now hacking done and doing tiling works. Soooo.. happy...
  5. Hi anyone got any recommended FSM that will advise on generally Fengshui and not to put too many awarkward object at weird places? And wont ask you to buy exp stuffs? Basiccally I need a master to tell me abt the good and bad positions and some placement items. Need help ask confirming my design soon..
  6. Hi Ivy possible can pm me the list or recommended FSM too? Thks
  7. Hi Ivy, Im gotten my keys already starting renovation can recommend me the fenshui master or list? Appreciate ur help thanks rather urgent.
  8. Hi Zan.. its ok, I am unable to show it now becus it bears me n my husband full particulars including ic etc..address everything on it. Anyway tis is for real but I had asked my uncle he say is alright, just make sure he do the job and help us conceptualise our ideas n solve our problems. Ya im so green here I also been thinkin isit some are fake members fr so n so company.. Anyway wats important nw is to get things done. Once gt mre progess I will share it here
  9. Hi zan i duno y i gt pple scolding me when i jus sharing my experience. anyway I have the agreement sign and he is getting his frend to do the 3D drawing for us, he say faster.. anyway I dont wan anything bad to turn out now. We will just see how it goes if its really fraud or some unscrupluous technics I will definately post the agreement for show here and report to the police n case. But as for nw we'll trust him.
  10. hi fine fine can pm me the contact? u mean forumers gt pple recommend to u this contractor?