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  1. Hi @Hanna your house is similar to what I would like to do for my house. Finalising my purchase soon. Can I know, this is your design or the pakcik design? Can he help with designing? Please share with me his contact ok syukur_abdul8@hotmail.com. Thank u.
  2. Have anyone seen this screw before? This is to attach the toilet bowl seat to the bowl itself. Brand of toilet bowl is Velin. I have tried looking at hardware store, but to no avail. Went back to the store I bought the bowl, yes they can order for me but price wise is quite high just for a screw. So any wise men or ladies around know where can I get these? Thankz for reading.
  3. Hi GoalHome, Generally, they are nice people. So far no major issues for me. Cleanliness is quite ok. Payment wise, always on time. But the downside for mine, sometimes quite noisy. Other then that, all considered ok. Hope this help..
  4. Hi, I don't use the common toilet at all. Is it a norm that tenant wash it themselves? Or we as landlord wash? I really don't find that its my duty to wash the common toilet? Can I have a show of hands, do any of u wash the common toilet for your tenants? Whats the norm here? Thanks all.. :-)
  5. Look 99% off discount at deal.com.sg http://www.deal.com.sg/deals/singapore/content/99-200-cash-voucher-living-vision-furniture-choose-500-different-selections-only-2-instead-2
  6. Dear edenstrauss, Just fyi, he's a Malaysian Chinese, working as financial auditor..
  7. Hi guys, What u mentioned all had been done... Limiting the utilities, restricting the usage to once a week... Stated, numerous times.. Gave him a stern warning..: last chance, & dats it. Soon will invest in CCTV.. This fella, grown up, need to be tell off for each nitty gritty issues.. Sometime I just feel that am like running a pre-school.. Juz saw him walking to the toilet with his undies.. Donno wat he's tinking... Just wanna share some plight.. His contract will end January.. Gotta hang on.. Hehe Thanks all for the prompt reply...
  8. But yet he washed secretly... Coz am not at home working...
  9. Hi, This tenant of mine, always washed his clothes secretly.. I scheduled him weekly wash, but certain times, he washed blatantly, or have the laundry hanged inside his room.. Is there anyway we can kerb this? I caught him twice, whereby, I barred him washing the whole week...
  10. Common room for rent @ Anchorvale Drive. 2 mins walk to Renjong LRT which is 1 stop away to Sengkang MRT. 8 mins walk to Sengkang Square. Other nearby amenities are, Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre, wet market,& polyclinic. Next to various shops & kopitiam. Room Facilities are, queen bed, wardrobe, cabinet, study table & chair, aircon, wifi, wall fan, LED TV with local channels, DVD player & electric jug. Only light cooking allowed. High floor, corner unit. Privacy assured. Owned by young couple. For pictures & other enquiries, please contact me @ 91375462. Thanks ...
  11. Thanks all for the kind input.. Yeah archenemy, 2nd fridge for me.. Wifey doing some home base bakery.. So I guess somehow no solution for it? Guess have to just leave the door open? So due to the humidity in the store room, my other storage in the store room will also be affected? Mind u, I also put baking ingredients in the store room.. No choice, kitchen cabinet almost full.. I have to stock up on thirsty hippo then..
  12. Hi all, I would like to seek some advise. I am planning to put an approximately 200litres capacity fridge inside my store room/bomb shelter. The question is, is there sufficient ventilation? Or it will be too stuffy & hot? I don want to either spoil the fridge, or to foot high utilities bill. Kindly advise me. Is it ok? Or do I need to put those ventilation fan? Where exactly do I put it? Thank u in advance friends, for your invaluable inputs.. Have a good day..