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  1. Hi, I am in the midst of reconstruction and have got approval from BCA to shift my staircase. So confirmed no issue with the authorities. I have been out of the forum for a while but now I am back. I am doing reconstruction and it includes everything except the carpentary in the house. I am looking higha and low for carpentary people. This is for the kitchen, wardrobe, toilets, walk in closet, etc. Can pm me if there is good recommendation. Cheers and best of luck
  2. Hi I was just running through the forums for doors and it seems that the following had good comments from other forumers: 1) Yontat.com.sg 2)PD door.com.sg Just checked out the website. Quite imformative. Best of luck. Let me know what you are going to decide. I will be looking for doors too when my house in ready in Mar/Apr 2011 Thanks
  3. Hi Linda I am almost going to narrow down the list of builders cum contractors.however I will be adopting the same method as you I'd sourcing for my own suppliers. This will include the architect, flooring , parquet, windows, door,sink, etc. Appreciate if you could share the contacts. As you know that this whole reconstruction thingy is very energy draining. This is the world of Internet and we should all take advantage of the situation. Once I start my reconstruction, I will share as much info as possible to help fellow forumers. What goes around comes around. Thanks, sori being long winded.
  4. Hi SFK7, Wow you managed to borrow all the home and decor from year 2008. That is so cool. Did you get it from ur friends? Any idea how to get more of these magazines. I am also doing reconstruction of a house I bought and trying to get all the ideas and information. Appreciate any help too. Thanks
  5. Hi I would like to know the contact number/s of the architect who did ur house. I need all the help I need to start this long journey. Thanks.
  6. Hi Lily, Can you PM me the roofing contractor number which you have quoted that it is 10K. My house is quite small. The land is 1300 sq ft. I should think it is cheaper. I am thinking of doing the metal roofing vs the german tiles type. If you can give me the contact, I can talk to them and get the quote for the roofing. Appreciate your help. Thanks
  7. Hi Philzero Can pm me the architect as I am going to do reconstruction soon on my terrace hse. thanks
  8. Hi Freddie, Can you let me have the contact number of the architect whom you are using. You mentioned 10k or so? Thanks
  9. Hi, I am in the midst of getting quotations from builders for the reconstruction of my inter-terrace house. Can you recommend me the builders you are using. It seems that 400K is a ball park figure to build from a 2 storey to 2.5 storey with a complete hacking of the house. I have so many rebuiders but not sure who to trust. Some can quote just by giving a floor plan while others do not dare to quote unless they go to the site for a viewing. Others need more detailed drawings from BCA to quote. Appreciate if you can pm me the contacts and I would appreciate it. Wow really stress. Work is stress and come back home now is even more stressful. Prefer to stay at work nowadays.
  10. Hi, I am also planning to do an A&A. Can recommend the id/contractor? Thanks
  11. Hi I took a long time to respond to your comments as I could not remember where I had posted my comments. Phew found it finally. Thanks for ur advices. Am a serious forumer as I need any advice I can get to renovate this old house. I was thinking that the next logical step to do while I am still waiting to collect the keys is to engage a PE(Professional Engineer). He/she can advice the following A&A: 1) To extend from 2 storey to 2.5storey with the masterbed room in the attic 2) To extend another room on the 2nd storey as well as possibly another room on the ground floor. I need help on the following questions: a) How much does a PE cost just to pull the drawings from BCA and looking at it and recommend what type of A&A can be done? b) Can recommend a PE please? c) Once I engage a indenpendent PE, can his/her recommendation be valid with any eventual contractor or ID company? d) For item 1) and 2) of the A&A, which one is cheaper and better. I was thinking that idea 1 will be too hot as the room is in the attic. Electricity bill sure very high to cool down the room. e) I am more inclined to A&A instead of reconstruction due to budget constraint. If $200K is not enough for the A&A, what is a reasonable amount? 300K? Any contractor to recommend with this amount? Sincerely appreciate all the help and guidance. Thanks
  12. Hi, I am interested to know more about A&A. Can you give me more details as I am planning to do it on a terrace house which is 30 -40 yrs old. It is 2 storey high and currently has 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor and potentially one on the ground floor. The house is very very original. Thinking of just add another room upstairs but I learnt that it will cost quite high. I have been advised to tear it down altogether and build it up. Is this a good suggestion? Very confused. Any cost comparison will be helpful too as there is a budget of 200K for all in. Thanks a lot to give me some light at the tunnel.