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  1. Hi, This post has a contact - http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/66451-new-to-diy-but-found-great-supplier/
  2. Hi Nigeta, very curious about your planer. Which model do you have? How good is it for surfacing your pallet wood? I've salvaged some pallet wood also but haven't used them. Need an easy way to even the wood surfaces. A thicknesser would be best, but bulky and expensive. Not sure how an electric planer would do. Currently building cabinets with 3/4" block board ordered from factory. I'm cutting them to size with a circular saw and using pocket joints with a Kreg jig. How's the club idea going? I'd be keen to join.
  3. Get those with free shipping to S'pore. Don't think any local retail can offer anything close to their prices.
  4. I highly recommend Corelle. They are chip-resistant, lightweight and microwave-safe. Very durable and made in USA. Some of them on Amazon qualify for free shipping to S'pore when you purchase $125 or more of eligible items. Superb value. Better than any sale in S'pore.
  5. Hi, Please PM me your good contractor's contact. Looking to do wall hacking, toilet tiling, plastering and plumbing for a 3rm resale. Thanks!!!