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  1. Description: Ikea Besta Shelf Unit Colour: White Dimension: Length 120, Width : 40, Height : 64 ( all in cm ) Condition : 7/10 ( minor scratches on the top and slight peel off ), but does not affect usage Condition is as shown in this link : https://plus.google.com/photos/109122801133694635559/albums/5964121656756761041?authkey=CJSUpe2E15WRqQE Delivery and payment: Self collect at Kallang area. Cash on delivery Please call at nine 0 nine 0 three 1 nine 0 for quick deal
  2. Beautiful and elegant 3 tier rack for sale ! Condition is 8/10, and well maintained with regular polishing and cleaning. Suitable to be put in kitchen / study room / living room to put keys, photos and letters. Dimension : 140 x 40 x 40 https://picasaweb.google.com/109122801133694635559/3TierRack?authkey=Gv1sRgCLKdpvnZx-H2lgE Cash and carry at Old Airport Road area. Looking at $50 Contact me at nine zero nine zero 31 nine zero for quick deal or neg. Thanks !
  3. focus06

    Water Fountain

    Thanks, went down to take a look since its near my office, they do have some new angelic garden items, but don't really prefer it. Thanks for the suggestion !
  4. focus06

    Water Fountain

    Yeah, you are right, that shop sell cornice and very nice European style decoration, no water fountain. Just find out over last wkend. Thanks for the info though.
  5. You can try to call Allan Teh, he helped me to install my TV, and did a very good job ( $40 for a 42 inch TV ). His contact is 82546651, call him and ask for the exact charges to your job.
  6. focus06

    Water Fountain

    Hi Does anyone know where can I get this water fountain ? Or anyone selling it ? The shop that sold this had sold the last piece and told me that currently they will not import it as the supplier had also run out of stock. Thanks in advance
  7. Actually my ID told me its more cost-effective to re-skin ware-robe if its in good condition. Remember, if you remove it, you had to add in removal charges. If your ware-robe is OK, then I suggest you go for re-skin. Its faster, and just as good. Remember, you may not live there for very very long, so why waste the $$ to redo so many things ? FYI, I re-skin my kitchen cabinet, ware-robe and its still look as good as its was 5 yrs ago. I am glad I did not waste $$ to redo it....
  8. Haha.. I had the same problem of hating to chose when there is too many choices. But then again, its a 1 time pain only A suggestion, just go to Plaza Singapura Goodrich shop, ask for the catalog and take your time to browse thru. After a while, you & your wife will know what you all like. Then just zoom into that particular type of design. The retail assistant there are nice people, they will not bother you when you are choosing, and they had pictures showing how the wall look like when done up with different wallpaper. After I did wallpaper to my 1st & especially 2nd house, I sort of prefer wallpaper to decal. If you chose a good installer and nice wallpaper, it bring out the luxury and depth of the wall. This is what "feature" wall is all about to me, 1 look and it is the center of attraction of the house. Think about it, when you go 4 or 5 start hotels or some higher class places, the wall is usually put with wallpaper ( & seldom decal ), there must be a reason why they did that. With correct lighting and simple accessories, they make the whole place feel much more "exclusive". This, I learnt from my ID, who had been doing a lot of renovation for high end SPA and hotel, he taught us that this is how to make the house look more different from others. Just my view and thoughts.
  9. I think those with pattern will look nicer, no point putting plain wallpaper, it will not bring out the "feeling". For the wallpaper, you can always go to Goodrich or search online to see the catalog and pattern, then find the cheapest available. Need to ask your ID what type of pattern will bring out the feeling of warmth and yet blend in well with your renovation. For decals, I did not do it before, so you may want to check with your ID too which is a better option.
  10. There are usually 2 ventilation in the bomb shelter, its OK to seal up 1 of them ( as what I did ), but for the other one, it must be left in original condition. I think there are some guideline in the HDB website which you can check. Usually the ID also not sure ( else why he seal up both my ventilation ?? )
  11. Hi Timtim, all your photos had been removed or deleted, wonder can u post it up again ? I am doing European style too, will share with everyone once its done up. Curious to see how other house turn out to be... Thanks !
  12. Hi, very nice 3D pictures you had, wish you a good renovation. Just to share with you a small point when I see your living room, I had a similar concepts like yours and small living room. I had some regrets as the TV is too near to my sofa, you can't really enjoy the whole wide screen ( unless you are getting 32" TV or smaller ), & it feel cramp when there are more than 3 people. I would suggest you try to make the arrangement such that the TV & sofa are more space apart to enjoy the show and feel less cramp. Just my 2 cents point of view
  13. Hi, I am selling some extra wall paper which I just brought after installing some of them. If you are keen, you can take a look at my posting at Garages Sales and Exchange folder, under "Beautiful New Wallpaper for Sale". Or you can PM me directly ( or call 90903190 ) to view the effect of the wallpaper on the wall and then decide whether to get it or not. Thanks