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  1. hi can I have the contact of the Burmese painter whom u engaged before? thanks.

  2. The contact number for the painters is.Pang - 98596072

  3. please pm me the contact no., thanks

  4. Hi

    Can i have the contact for the painting service. Thank you

  5. Hi

    Can i have the contact for the painting service. Thank you.

  6. If anyone is looking for reliable ceiling fan installer, you can contact Eric at 97977292. He is the authorized KDK installer and he does install other brand fans as well
  7. Hi, If any one of you are looking for a reliable electrician to mount your ceiling fan, you can contact Eric at 97977292. My contractor brought a electrician to install my V60W and V50W KDK fan and he screw it up big time. I went on to call KDK and they refered me to Eric. Eric came down and instantly spotted where the problem lies (on the foundation).
  8. I was recommended by a friend to contact this painter (Name : Pang). He and his fellow workers are Burmanese but their delivery and painting skills were very superb. If they promised to be by the house at 10am, they will be at your door step at 9:45 am. All floors and non-moveable items were well covered including the entire flooring. I used 2 different types of colors in each room and living hall. The line between the 2 colors was so amazing that I could not find any fault. I told him the color did not come out after the 2nd coat and he went to buy additional paint for 3rd coating. Very nice chap and worth trying. If anyone is interested, PM me for his contact. Pls note I am not related to him just a satisfied customer.
  9. Bro, I got electrician to installed KDK v60w onto the 2 iron rod attached to the ceiling with false ceiling board covering the iron rod. After installing, the fan is wobbling. Do you know why?
  10. I'm asking Mr Wood to grid and vanish my 3 rooms today and will provide further update sometime later.
  11. Update 3: The hacker came and knock out the flooring. It took 2 days to complete with just 2 banglas though could have been done must faster. The flooring started on the 3rd day ( wed) and it went on till next Tuesday. So for now all the tiling work in my hall and master bathroom is completed. I'm asking Mr Wood varnish to grind and vanish the parquet flooring today. Design house did the glass shower screen at my common bathroom and it seems to be good. The quality of the glass, finishing touches and installation went perfect. I was recommended on a freelance painter to do up the my entire house painting and have met up with him twice. Next week, will provide comments on the painting and Mr wood vanish job
  12. Thanks for the info. Will drive down to have a look.
  13. Hi Guys, I am looking at changing my door locks (8 of them in total) as the old ones are already rusty and non functional. Anyone has contact where I can buy them? Contact for installer too.. Thanks
  14. Update 2: Not much of update other than Simon will be coming to our place today to show us the vanity top and laminate samples. The tiles we have selected will be available end of Nov so I am expecting work to start 2nd week of Dec. Will keep you guys posted.
  15. Update 1: Simon brought us to the tiles shop at Defu lane on 13th Nov and it was an extensive showroom. We wanted to see other shop as well and he brought to another shop in defu lane. We found the 1st shop was much suitable and came back to the showroom. Settle on the tiles and Simon help to throw in some goodies on the mosiac tiles. So far everything is good shape. The next update will be on next Monday, 22nd Nov.