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  1. Hi Ely, Sorry to hear about your asthma. If you're already sleeping at your apartment do consider sinking your credit card even further with a high quality air purifier. A couple of the best brands are Allen and Swiss IQ Air. They can give you a good clean air supply in a closed room such as the bedroom in a matter of hours helping to trap the dust and other asthma triggers. Keeping the rest of the house as open as possible to vent out the VOC's etc. from new furniture, varnishes, glue, paint etc.can also help if you can handle the heat/humidity. Hope you feel better very soon so you can fully enjoy your new home! Cheers RMG
  2. Congratulations to you and your lady wife. What a handsome specimen Jonathan is who obviously takes after his Mum...lucky lad! Have you noticed he has his Mum's nose? Same as both of my boys. All the best mate and wishing you every happiness with your new addition. Cheers RMG
  3. LOL, just came back from lunch to see this thread! Must admit I had no idea why the toilets in SG have these sprays. I thought they were either a low cost alternative to having a separate bidet unit for ladies to wash their "lady bits" or my other theory was that it might be because of the resident muslim population and I wondered if people installed it so that their muslim guests would not need to use their hands... Don't laugh, I honestly thought this and went so far as to ask a salesperson in one of the sanitary fittings shops about this. It gave her a laugh and she explained it's use vs the habit in HK to use a brush + flushing water. Must admit, I was a bit doubtful and apprehensive over splashback in case of incorrect angels too! RMG
  4. I'm about 1/2 way through my first projector bulb's rated hours but can tell you that it doesn't seem that the bulb brightness is as good these days. Noticably dimmer than in the early days and this is in a basement with absolute blackout. Not sure I will replace it though as nowadays it's mainly used by the kids for their XBox and it's now 4 years old so may replace the projector when the itch arises. RMG
  5. Love it, love it, love it. All looks very purposeful and "mean"...you need to get some wall bunnies with attitude though
  6. Advice for what it's worth. It's your house and anyone including guests (much less employees) should behave with respect when they're in it...I think it not setting the bar too high to insist on discipline in the worksite. If you say no smoking that's what it should mean. This is your ID's responsibilty. With all respect to your obviously kind nature, get your husband involved directly with the ID and light a fire under his butt. The "hand wringing" from the ID is not a solution. If the ID is incompetent the firm employing the ID is responsible and needs to take action to make rapid rectification. The ID is not your friend doing you a favour, he is providing a service for which you are paying handsomely. From what you say, if I were your Dad I'd be well Pi**ed if someone so incompetent was given a personal referal to me! At the very least use this contract as a lever with your ID i.e. "either you deliver by XXXX or kiss the future opportunity goodbye" . I am totally in awe that you maintain your sense of depreciating humour in the midst of all this...kudos to you. Get your husband or ex-military Dad to take up the current unacceptable situation with the general management of your ID's firm; this is when family support counts and we all have different skills'strengths. Hang in there! RMG
  7. Really sorry to hear about your reno completion delays. I'm the last person to normally suggest this as I believe in giving people the full benefit of the doubt, but it seems from your posts that your ID is a bit incompetent. Your ID is paid to coordinate the project (and handle any associated stress related). Time to turn up the heat maybe? Can you go further up the chain or is this a one man outfit you've contracted? You should not be in the position of a mediator, that's the ID's role. Apologies from the ID without a clear forward plan with firm dates is just a form of excuse for non-performance. Hope this farce ends soon and you get to enjoy your place. Have really enjoyed your posts/pics and am very sorry you're going through this. Time to take off the gloves and get rough imo. RMG
  8. Hi Ely, I wonder if the plumber has taken the time to correctly adjust the water level in the water cistern and also the outlet valve. If the water level is not adjusted to the max level, you can get a diminished flushing effect. Same goes for the outlet valve (the part which open to let water exit the tank into the toilet bowl; if not adjusted right in some toilets it can constrict the water flow so you don't get a good flushing effect. Worth a look with the cistern top off to check the water level is at max. and then flush and watch the water valve, it it fully open and not constricting the flow. If all this is fine then you're literally **** out of luck Cheers RMG
  9. Hi Footprint, I am doing the same thing but using the high security locking system key for the gate, main door and also letterbox so there will be no need for various keys. I understand that if you lose a key or if someone needs to duplicate one, it requires a copy of the owners registration IC for security so seems a good approach. This is the link if you're interested which was provided by my contractor. http://www.duro.com.sg/product.asp?BID=1
  10. I don't have a fridge base either. Don't see the point as we are not the type to flood clean the kitchen, it costs to make the base and it indeed governs any future purchase decisions. Didn't want to do it for my cabinet bases either but the contractor didn't feel comfortable so I figured that since I needed a kickpanel for the cabinets this would serve the purpose so went ahead. No base for my washer and dryer either Cheers
  11. Suggest you google "rabbit heat stroke". This from one such link: A Bunnies biggest summer killer is Heat Stroke. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Bunnies biggest summer killer is Heat Stroke. This is an important concern that every rabbit owner must know about in order to keep the buns alive. Rabbits are not tolerable to heat and are thus highly susceptible. When the temperatures rise above 29° Celsius or 85° Fahrenheit, humidity levels are above 70%, or inadequate shade and/or ventilation can all contribute to heat exhaustion. The main symptoms of Heat Stroke; may include panting rapidly (open mouth breathing), weakness; ears are red hue, refusal to move, slobbering (drooling), delirium (feverish), convulsions (spasms) and sadly eventual death. With proper measure every rabbit owner can help to prevent Heat Stroke. Here are several tips, which I use for my cherished bunnies. :arrow: While Outside ·Make sure the bunny is out of the direct sun. Several times a week I take my (indoor) bunnies outside, whether it’s to be groomed in the confines of a small pet pen or to be walked via leash. Regardless, the best time to have them out is either dawn or dusk. The heat won’t be as intense, but if they do need to be out at other times of the day make sure to allow plenty of shade for your little one to rest. ·I find it handy to drape heavy blankets to obscure the direct suns rays. ·I also have available a hefty crock dish filled with cold icy water and have purchased several wooden pets hide-a-ways/tents for them to hide inside. ·It is another good idea to have a mist spray: rabbits don’t sweat they actually dissipate heat through the ears. Every so often, mist the rabbit’s ears to help keep them cooler. You can also apply cool running water to the earflaps especially to the lop-eared rabbits. :arrow: While Inside ·It’s a good idea to set up a circulating fan that will breeze past your rabbit but not blowing directly on him (we don’t want to worry about respiratory problems). You can also damp a towel to drape over the cage allowing the fan to blow cold air into the cage. Remember that some do chew, so make sure to bunny proof the cord connecting to the fan. ·It is also a good idea to place a ceramic tile or marble flat in the cage, these will stay cool and it’s probably more comfortable than the wire mesh anyway. ·Fill 1 or 2 liter soda bottles with water and freeze them. Frozen bottles can then be placed inside of the bunnies’ cages so they can lean their hot little bodies against for a cool down. :arrow: Just a Extra Tidbit ·It’s a necessity to brush out the winter hide; I mean would you want to wear your winter jacket in the summer? I’ve never had any longhaired rabbits but if I did I definitely would crop the coat maximize the comfort during the summer season. ·Rabbits over 5 years need some extra TLC, handicapped or if they are heavy. These bunnies tend to be more inactive and may not be capable accessing water when they become hot so remember to keep your eye on them. :arrow: Heat Stroke Occurs ·Never submerge the rabbit in cold water. This may worsen the condition by placing the bunny into shock. DO dampen its ears and body with cool water; a towel will do the job. ·Next get it HELP. Immediately get him into a vet or emergency clinic. Do Not Wait; its life is at stake. Prevention is of course the best course of action. The simple things such as providing your rabbit with adequate shade, shelter and ventilation can mean the difference between life and death. In addition on those hot days you can also provide your rabbit with the extra comfort of a continuous mist of cool water or a fan operating alone or over a container of ice. Please always provide your rabbit with cold water and ice cubes/blocks.
  12. I remember the thread content was about disatisfaction about the flow/heat of the shower. From what I understand it is best to use the hose and shower head provided by Benington as the heater is well matched to this shower head. I have installed such a C600 heater unit in my flat but I only plan to use it for the bathroom vanity units and kitchen sink as these will rarely be on at the same time and don't require high flow rates. Can't judge the performance as still under reno currently but don't see why they should be better or worse than any other brand. I have still installed a Joven 25 L storage heater for the common use of the 2 shower units. By the way, I asked some questions via email of the Benington customer service and the reply was prompt and technically competent so you could also direct your queries to them via their webbie.
  13. When I first saw the Eubiq system I also really wanted to have this in the kitchen, study and at the TV area in the living room. After thinking about it's real benefits for a long time, I realised that for my situation it didn't make sense. At the back of the TV it will not be visible (no cool factor) and I anyway would not plug and unplug the electrical items like DVD, TV etc. In the study it would be visible but the track distance needed would be short so it wouldn't make spacing the wires out look neater. In the kitchen, wouldn't want so many items plugged in and block my counter top space also having a Eubiq long enough to really make practical sense is too much for my budget. I came to the conclusion that it's a nice idea if you can afford very long lengths so you really have power wherever you need it (almost like an electrical skirting board) but this would mean I would have to sell my wife and kids into slavery to pay for it so decided plain vanilla power points will do...still think it looks way cool though
  14. Thank you, I was told by my ID that this was not possible. I will try locally.