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  1. How's riben's chute so far? Any roach issue?
  2. Hi GMC, this is for 2nd lot but as car ownership is not under owner's name, there is a dispute...it's a registered under father's name and is a gift. If this is registered under her name, it would have been approved but i would think the dad wouldnt have thought so far when he bought this ride for her. She used to own one but it crashed so badly (think it's one one of those total loss situation) insurance is a big issue for subsequent cars in her name....i managed to speak to the direct manager of this condo manager (a director of Steadlink) and he advised me to write a requisition form for this special resolution. Would you know how such resolution should be written?
  3. Hi GMC, i understand house rules but we got to be flexible at times like these. Can't blame if the dad bought a car for his kids and the car is registered under his name? i told them i can provide as much supporting documents that they need (to the extend i show other cars ownership details to prove that all cars are registered under father's name) he bluntly told me the only solution is to have the car ownership revised to her name which i told him its ridiculous and stupid. That's when he took it personally and start telling me he is not stupid and he owns serveral properties too. I even have to tell him not to take it personally as i did not imply he is stupid and which part of my conversation sounds like i'm keen to know what he owns? He can own the entire land and it doesnt bother me. He even police me by saying " under ICA ruling when a resident moves to new location , ic must be updated within 28 days blah blah blah " . On what ground does he have to do that? I need not explain anything to him and on what basis does he have to make such comment...He make it sound like he is my boss , paying me a salary and like some governor ruling the place which totally fumes me up. I cant never accept such poor attitude honestly..not even if you are indeed my boss. I'm disgusted that this is happening and i never once bother with what my mgt coucil requests..be it increasing fees or paint the condo or anything that wanted to do it it but this change of managing agent (hence new condo manager) is a prick and i'm seriously doubting them. The manager is ruling the condo like some People Association and its his way and he gives a verdict and that's it. When i asked him to provide another form of contact he flatly refuses and says email to me i will forward to respective person. Thats' it again. The entire conversation is ThIs is it that's it. OMG i feel like some parliament guy is ruling my place! Shoving crap down my throat at my very own place. It makes no different staying at condo or HDB and in fact i think this condo manager makes it worse than staying at HDB. I rather go talk to MP whom at least wont dare says i'm rude or arrogant just becuase he is petty and personal. My next question is since MC is empowered by me. Can i dethrone them of such powers? Lastly to resolve your curiousity, this is EDELWEISS PARK and it sucks .
  4. Hi, My condo has recently changed the managing agent to Steadlink Asset Mgt and to my horror my first conversation with new condo manager was so bad over the phone. He actually says I'm rude and arrogant. He is so defensive about everything i said and take upon everything personally. I say asking me to change my car address ( currently under my dad's name and address) to this condo just because of transponder is riduculous and stupid. He replied me saying he is not stupid...OMG since when i say he is stupid!?!?! When i told him IC shows another address cause this isnt the only property we've got...he took it personally and told me he also own a few properties. What the **** is this. Is there anyway i can do somethin about it. Apparently I've tried calling Steadlink Assest Mgt and the Executive Director Derek Lit isnt too keen to pick up my call to hear feedback about his staff. This is completely annoying!! I couldnt understand why on earth the council changed the management and THIS IS THE QUALITY I GET! Is there anything i can do? argh.. this is so frustrating!!
  5. Hi , I would like to buy some paintings too but I'm not sure which agent is willing to help me. Seems that my agent (trading 1) is not willing to take the risk of shipping them in can you please advise me if you did get daigou to ship in the items with repacking (wooden crate) as my seller i not willing to provide that as well. Look forward to your reply bro!. Hope your loot arrive in good order!
  6. Hi, I would like to sell my 3 piece art clock (in mint condition) which i've placed in my living area. Bought at $380 previously and dimensions are 60cm by 60cm for each piece. Excellent piece of decor for your home. Viewing is possible. Letting go at $180 or sms your nearest offer. Contact sng28 : 98393508
  7. i think its not necessary. I heard that the wardrobe can be removed. I'm also thinking of changing flooring and i have built in wardrobe...still thinking how to work around it as i'm lazy to even consider removing the wardrobe and then fixing it back later... have you found any solutions?
  8. Hi, I would like to sell my Cellini dining table (4 leather chairs inclusive) which are in mint condition (looks almost brand new) as i needed to clear out more space in my living/dining area. I barely use them as I'm always not at home. Viewing is possible. Contact sng28 : 98393508
  9. Do you have the contact for the painter you used? Mind sharing? thanks

  10. sorry guys but i needed some help as I've purchased the washer dryer W8804 version but I'm not sure how to soak? Is it pre wash option? Sorry for sounding duh as I'm a first time user/owner :X
  11. hi bro..sigh looks good but its not really working the way it shld be leh... sorry ah need ask you abt tempered glass as i understand that there is a logo which shows that it is tempered any mine only shows this..is this a tempered glass logo?
  12. Guest room Common Toilet The STILL wrong shower glass dimensions...
  13. hahahah lagging badly...bz rectifying the supposingly rectified... here are some pics of my little hut.. MBR the hole on my MBR toilet wall
  14. thanks bro...still rectifying... :)dead tiring......
  15. Hi bro sure his name is zhiwei and his HP is 8287 9324.