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  1. hi friend, saw yr posting for yr purchased of hitachi fridge RZ-481, behind it is the a reservoir? how much u bought n where? I am plannig to get this model too..mind sharing.tks

  2. Hi all...problem resolved! with the help of WD40!!
  3. Why Hitachi not in the list wor?Wahahha...I bought a Hitachi 481 too...so far so good...my bro using same model for 1 yr liao oso no complains....
  4. I got 1 at toyogo today! 4 level of shelfing easy to fix..$59
  5. Hmm..my pipes seems like tiok water during the chemical wash b4 the handover...so all 1 patch 1 patch of the water like tat...but i try wiping with water or even jif oso hard to get it off...those accessories in toilets still ok...can wipe...but window is the 1 most troublesome...when wiping its wet it looks fine...once it drys up the patches come back..tml i try to get some photos in for better illustration~~~ Thanks for replying!
  6. Hi Everyone... Do you have this problem of having stains or discolouration on ur stainless steel or copper pipings? also on those bathroom accessories and windows...anything to get rid of them?? Thanks in advance....
  7. You bought 1 of this?How much isit?Did you change it on your own or get a locksmith to do it?
  8. velen

    Home Lighting

    No worries la...diff ppl diff perspect ba..anyway jus wana update...my lights came today...and all fixed up n nice...but i forget to take pic...show u all next time k...2 of the mirror has been broken ( but i totally had no idea is by my contractor or the delivery or any1 who came my house in between?) n the lighting shop change then with no questions asked...thumbs up for them!
  9. velen

    Home Lighting

    Hi ID88... Coz my intention to let the house look bright! haha...the round round 1 looks normal la...but i tink the square and dinning looks fine?moreover now if u been visiting lightings shop...all rect de...i see liao oso boring....
  10. Hi Emobebe... No harm calling up to ask!...Might be a good steal...this shop not pushy in getting me to chg the promo lights..is me the chosy 1 wan to chg...hahhaa...so no harm calling to ask?? Jus my 2 cents tots...
  11. Hi emobebe...I din got any downlights so i din notice..but i just took another look at the website...seem like got a offer of $160 for 10 pcs...isit cheap?
  12. My Kitchen Cabinet fresh from the oven...juz laid the Granite today! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. Hihi... My turn in sharing...do give your comments...positive or negatives.... Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. This is the package i took: Package Lighting For 8pcs @ S$298.00 shown above (Includes: 40w - 2pcs, 32w - 4pcs & 22w - 2pcs) Then eventually i changed upgrade all to energy saving so extra $3 per light and added an IC for the 3 bulb lights and bought a hanging light for my dinning area so all come to a total of $437.. without GST... Do take a look at my pictures at the other thread... http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?sh...34891&st=80
  15. velen

    Home Lighting

    More Pictures.... 2 Views of my dinning lights worth $98 Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us