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  1. ya i know what you mean. that is why i also lazy to update my smart home. anyway, must do it lah..... or else not fair to my contractor.
  2. simple theme would be minimalist.... hahahaha... simple and minimal stuff....
  3. sometimes when certain are done and then you realised you want to do it differently, then you would need to pay for the extra. its not VO from the contractor but yourself. so better to budget that extra just in case.
  4. too excited that you are going to do another reno until cannot sleep? hahahaha...... try something totally different from your current unit lah.... or do something that you wanted to do and never did previously.
  5. ID that are able to give nice artwork would need to charge some extra for their efforts.... hoping that with the 3D you will be moved to part more money to them. On top of that, you have to budget at least 10% more for unknown stuff that might need to do during reno...
  6. my platform without storage already cost $2k. i wanted storage too but there is a height limit near windows so if i make the platform with storage, it will not pass HDB rules.
  7. painting for 3room flat, even from nippon paint specialist, will be less than $1200. but platform bed with storage, i think close to $3k than $800.
  8. ya, you are going to spend a lot of money on reno, that is why a lot of effort are needed to look for the correct person to do your reno. other than buying the flat itself, would be the reno that cost the most. i spent nearly 50k on reno, excluding all the furniture and electrical goods....... this is not a decision to be made lightly....
  9. Some are worried that the ID will bring the clients to new company. so they are not allowed to inform clients if or when they leave. at least yours have not started yet. if you do not feel comfortable, take it that $500 is for all the tiles + laminate shopping fee. so if you choose another ID, then no need to start all over again. but if you still trust jason, then continue with him. from here, you can read a lot of t-blogs of all type of ID or contractors that don't do what they said during meet ups. that is why other than beauty salon, i think ID/contractors get the most complaints by CASE. hope you will make the decision most comfortable for you. All the best!!!! keep us updated....
  10. no choice lah... got to control the pricing cos too many complaints hdb are getting more and more expensive. if leave it to free market, the prices will be even higher than now.
  11. cannot take into consideration of reno cost lah.... reno depreciating for 5-8 years depending how prudent you are. so me as accountant, i only take into consideration my reno is depreciating at 5 years. but interests paid to bank + interests owing to CPF cos using CPF $$ to pay for installment, then not earning loh.
  12. i still owe those reading my t-blog on my smart home idea. hahahahaha...... i better update that soon. your layout is nice rectangular.... very easy to make it interesting.... reno have to consider budget for furnishing + electrical appliances..... so usually i will add both together cos you can add in an island then no need to buy a separate dining table. electrical items would be those reno cannot incl like aircon, fridge, washing machine, stove, water heater, oven etc. for furnishing, if done by reno then will last longer but also means its perm and cannot move as you like to different position. but human are creature of habit, if that dining table is there, usually we will not move it anywhere else..... so no reason that i cannot be perm. consider all these before you starts reno.
  13. that's fast.... really so much easier to buy than to sell. hahahaha..... if i sell and buy another one, i think not only not make profit, i think i will lose money loh. so still better to stay put and be happy....
  14. depends on how much you want to do, but i think $50k is quite minimal and try to save on some areas which can't be seen.
  15. the stones cushions looks good... carpets and mats are also from ezbuy?
  16. found your dream unit yet? very exciting leh... can do reno all over again.
  17. but you also need to buy or else nothing to talk to ID about. or you also have chosen the one you wanted to buy? both buying and selling appt at the same time?
  18. so you finally manage to sell your flat?? Congrats!!! Ya, i find that my ID cum contractor is really good with lots of good idea that are practical, simple and yet unique. i will pm you lah, cos not nice to put his number on public post.
  19. philips sales is once a year so worth to go and have a look lah..... last time i also buy like 4-5 months in advance. they can keep the stock for you if you do see anything you want. but if small electrical items like rice cooker, vacuum cleaner etc, you can put at your current place. will not take too much space.
  20. i am using instant heater too and i also have rain shower. its working fine.... of course not very strong but its quite acceptable.
  21. there is a philips carnival sales next week, 19th - 21st May. can go and look for some of your essentials. http://www.philips.com.sg/c-w/promotions/carnival-may17.html#promotion
  22. ya, and a lot of ppl using facebook to discuss too. renotalk has become quieter that is why i stopped coming here. now, mostly come in to check on contractors review or else is asking for contractors info. but still happy to see your t-blog been one of the most talked about. 2 pages is so easy to reach leh.... should be more than 2 pages cos my t-blog is 160 pages. hahahahaha... so i think at least also can talk for 10 pages for toilet bowl alone.
  23. yes lah, i will.. but give me some time can? heheehe...... writing a t-blog need to have inspirational and experience in using the smart home thingy... if not, then its bias review. you know i write as truthful as i can.
  24. no lah, working leh..... where got everywhere? only your blog and 15thMay. hahahaha...... nowadays not easy to find tblog that are long and have many pages. this is one of those loh. not like during our time, all our tblog are super many pages.