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  1. Has anybody installed this? Would appreciate feedback and recommended vendors please.
  2. Hi edenstrauss I am sorry I did not give enough feedback at the time. I was afraid that, given my small number of postings, forum members would think that I was somehow affiliated to zero or "advertising" for him. And I have not used the hood yet so unable to give feedback on its usage, only on the delivery and installation. I had considered getting a chimney hood but after weighing the pros and cons and looking at installation diagrams, I decided to go for s slimline model with easy installation since my hob is right next to a very large window with sliding panels that can open up to the width of 2 panes of a normal casement window. Therefore it seemed like over-kill to have a chimney hood and I only needed a simple hood to prevent cooking fumes from travelling straight up to stain my newly painted false ceiling. I also wanted minimum blocking of the beautiful view from my kitchen window. My hood was delivered outside of the holiday period (some months ago). My fridge was delivered on the 12th day of CNY. Probably not considered peak period. The LG fridge was DELIVERED by Harvey Norman and INSTALLED by LG. So I had 2 teams of people coming to my place on the same day and both appeared on time and gave good service. I do sympathise about the "peak period" malaise. It happens not only in Singapore but overseas as well. I had ordered a sofa and dining table from Italian manufacturers through Dream Interior (paid a hefty sum for them). They arrived with some defects which was uber dissppointing given how much I had paid. But the company is replacing the table and rectifying the sofa problem by shipping in a replacement for one of the parts. They blamed it on the X'mas period rush in Europe. We consumers are at the mercy of the vendors and I feel grateful and relieved when things go well but mentally prepared for things to go awry at any time after reading the horror stories of some forum members. You will see that there are more bad feedback than good feedback on vendors. Those who are happy tend not to rave so openly but those who have bad experiences do seem to complain more. That is my impression.
  3. I would like to give feedback on Fujioh FX900 delivery and installation by zero. The purchase was hassle free - by SMS and cash on delivery. The delivery was done as scheduled. In fact, due to miscommunication it was me who messed up the first appointment and they rescheduled without complaint. The installation was done on a separate day by Fujioh installer (extra fee of $30). The installer came on time and was professional. My husband who is an engineer was satisfied and quite impressed at how quickly and efficiently it was done. The reason I haven't given full feed back is because I haven't moved in yet and have not had a chance to use it. But delivery and installation were fine and I have no complaints. I have no personal affiliation whatsoever with zero. I purchased a fridge from Harvey Normal in Millenia Walk. They were offering a good price and they had the display model in their shop. The salesman Jason Lim was very helpful and knowledgeable. The delivery was spot on time. The delivery men were helpful. They dismantled the fridge door to get it into my kitchen and they were careful not to damage it during the whole process. The installer from LG was also spot on time. He was a great guy who used to live in my neighbourhood and was reminiscing about his childhood there. I have no complaints about Harvey Norman delivery and LG installation either. I would buy an LG product again as the installer gave such a good impression (next up for purchase is their steam washer and dryer). I have a full-time job and 3 children so I appreciate vendors who deliver on time as I have a tight schedule. I have to admit that a lot of this is down to "luck" - same as the renovations. I have some good experiences and bad experiences with the contractor/sub-cons but all of this I put down to experience and this will stand me in good stead for any future projects.
  4. I purchased the Yale lock from Stephen at IMM YDM4109. The door and door frame need to be repaired but my contractor had told me he would take care of that (he had recommended Stephen to me). It looks sleek and the handle is easy to open. Fingerprint scanning is easy too. Interface is in English (voice instructions).
  5. I am not sure if it's the lighting in your photos. Your unit looks a bit dark from the inside. If I were you, I would stick with white or very light colours for the walls/flooring in order to make everything look bigger and brighter. Especially the kitchen. You can use your "favourite" colours for the accents eg furniture. The common bathroom is small. Should keep the decor simple and light colour too. Or else it will look very "cluttered" if you have too much detailing.
  6. If it was $285 for 1000cm then my quote of $496 for 2445cm is not that far off. Anyway I have to use my current supplier as he was recommended by my contractor and works well with my contractor and electrician. They coordinate with each other on the installation which makes less hassle for me. Eubiq is also useful for the TV console as you can have the TV, speakers, DVD player, SCV, HDMI etc all incorporated in one track rather than having so many power points. Folks who also have their hi-fi system in that area will appreciate it. I think you will not regret installing it in the kitchen. It really solves the problem of not having enough power sockets for all your appliances. And it looks sleek and neat too. It's a long term investment and I personally have no qualms paying for it as we hate having so many adapters on the power sockets.
  7. $60 was the price for the adapter with LED. If Eddy is cheaper I will get more adapters from him.
  8. I am installing in my kitchen. Was quoted $496 for 2445cm run on the wall. But each adapter (which carries the socket) costs $60. So please bear in mind that if you have 10 appliances to connect, it will cost you $600 additional. I also bought tracks for all 3 rooms and study area. I can PM you the contact if you wish.
  9. This is the FX900. I bought it and I am aware of that. zero did inform me. However after studying the different options I still decided to go for this. The other slimline fujioh hood that is made in Japan has lower oil extraction compared to the FX900. And all Fujioh hoods come with a 3 year guarantee anyway. For the price I think FX900 is acceptable. If you don't like it you can get it changed for the Japan model after 3 years. The other made in Japan Fujioh models were not suitable for my kitchen decor. I did not buy Fujioh hob so cannot comment on that.
  10. Agreed. For the price, if it can last 5 years that should be good enough. After all, you may have more budget or even move house by then. It would be nice to upgrade the sofa in that time frame anyway.
  11. If you PM to zero (the forum member on the pinned thread), his company can make arrangement for the installer from Fujioh to install the hood for you (for a small fee).
  12. Hi has anybody bought an inverter refrigerator (energy-saving)? Eg from Hitachi or Panasonic brands. Do you have any feedback?
  13. Hello. Hmmm......there isn't much room to play around with. As I have suggested, you can consider installing a glass panel to close off the kitchen with a small fixed panel behind the WD (?washer dryer and sliding panel to go beside the fridge parallel to your entrance corridor. That is a small area so a top hung sliding panel might be workable and neater as there will be no track on the floor. If there is no external ducting to the cooker hood, you can consider changing to Fujioh 800 MK2 (either white or silver colour). www.fujioh.com.sg. This has around 88% oil extraction and you can get a service contract with Fujioh to come twice a year to service it. If you do both of those, then I think that over 90% of the cooking fumes would be prevented from getting to the rest of your place.
  14. Glass panel if possible? If not, look into Fujioh brand cooker hoods. Although they are not so good-looking but in terms of performance (oil extraction, they fare better than other brands. If you have a balcony adjoining the kitchen, it might be possible to put in a ventilating type of cooker hood that can vent out the fumes to the outside. This would entail hacking a ventilation hole in your wall. It's only possible if it's not the main wall of the building and there's a balcony on the other side.
  15. The platform bed and the stairs and sharp edges are not baby or toddler friendly. Just a reminder in case you're thinking of starting a family at some stage. The kid can fall off the platform or fall against the edges. Falling against the corner could could some serious damage (e.g. to the eyes of a toddler).