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  1. I got mine 100cm x 100cm for $50+
  2. Not really noise but the sound of the compressor is louder as compared to my LG fridge at my previous place. I nv heard my LG fridge compressor sound at all
  3. I think your lightings are more than sufficient. No need worry about any dark corners. Your positioning of the downlights is similar to mine except mine is 3 by 3 on the side, less the 2 downlights by the balcony. It is already very bright.
  4. Nice sink, i almost got the same sink
  5. pinpin looks good. how is their pricing like? Do they accept small job?
  6. your bosch oven looks nice. How much you got it for?
  7. can anyone pm me the contacts too? Thanks
  8. Hi immunity, is your reno still on going or completed?
  9. Hi guys, If i intend to do L-Box in my living room, any idea what is the maximum blade size i can use for my ceiling fan?