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  1. just an update on the appliances we bought so far. haha 1. LG Side-by-side fridge 208BLQ Silver. Got a free Martello coffee maker from LG, hence the higher price paid for the fridge. 2. Samsung Washer Dryer (8kg/5KG model) - Silver 3. Good friends of IKEA - Bought almost 3k worth of home stuffs. - Curtain railings, curtain blinds, curtain rods - BESTA TV console - Rattan chair x 2 - LACK shelf - Huge mirror for wardrobe wall and complimentary vanity mirror - vanity table - More mirrors for toilets - Misc toilet accessories (the misc stuffs are the addictive ones, add them bit here and there into the trolley. Checkout price can faint) - Small wardrobe sofa bench. - Wardrobe doors x 4 (this is an experiment i'm trying to fix IKEA PAX doors as bedroom divider doors, not sure it will work) - Other other stuffs that I cant remember... One good thing about IKEA delivery is that they allow u to top-up new delivery items (if they are not sofas, beds). So we went on Day 1 IKEA shopping and we went there for the next 2 more days and continue shopping and top-up to deliver everything.. We haven't get our sofa and dining table.. Maybe will visit Sungai Kadut next week to explore..
  2. u can try lemongrass spray. lizards hate the smell. u can get the spray from JB, not sure where in SG got sell. or u can DIY.
  3. hi there.. congrats. nice EA layout u got there..
  4. sorry for the missing in action for the past weeks.. have been bz for our wedding, honeymoon and home reno.. so far, our reno almost done.. 90%. Here are some pics.. more to come once I have the time to upload. Glass panels.. got it from another supplier of mine. Much cheaper price from this glass contractor. Good workmanship as well. This is kitchen. Fantastic.. A lot of trouble trying to get the worktop laminates. We choose it from Formica ID 6210 for the Matte dramatic grain series. Unlike normal laminate designs, this particular design shows the wood grain across the laminate (4x8 feet). So, it appears that the laminate is cut from a piece of tree, one continuous grain pattern. Very good for large surfaces... Now we are left shopping for other kitchen appliances and furniture.. Also, we did a new order of walk-in-wardrobe from Kevin as well. That is gonna be another dramatic wardrobe.. haha
  5. hey bro, im interested.. PM me the details..
  6. Hi can I have his contact number too.. Thanks!
  7. hi, we are now bz getting ready for our wedding this wkend.. so, pace is rather slow as requested by me. will resume after the wedding. hopefully handover to be done by 1nd or 2nd week dec.
  8. hey congrats on the handover.. mine should be in a couple of weeks left. haha..
  9. u looking for cheap handsgrohe rainshower set or just normal rainshower? i got my normal rainshower... comes with 3 way mixer, and microphone hand shower. I bought at Chuan Heng at Jalan Besar for about $300+ after discount... havent installed yet so dunno how good issit..
  10. hello everyone.. didnt have time to upload recent pics... was busy doing painting and my electrical works.. not to mention, we are also bz preparing our wedding this mth end. haha.. talk about no time.. anyways. i would like to share a very good experience having to shop at the following 2 places: 1. CCM (Geylang)- go here for all ur electrical accessories. i bought legrand switches and wall sockets(clipsal looks better though.. i only realise after i bought them). I bought SCV cable from my hardware shop at $2/m but CCM sells for like $0.80/m. Now I realise how cheap is the distributor pricing and electrician can still say they dont profit from electrical works. Make 1 power point about $40-$60 bucks but the cost price of wires and switch is less than $10. So if u do a few points, u can do the maths la.. so moral of story, if u have time, do ur own. 2. Estore.com.sg - Went down to their Geylang branch after getting my stuffs from CCM. 5 mins walk only. Bought all my paint stuffs here and my paints. Not sure its distributor price.. but its still cheap than those hardware shop. well, next week will still continue painting...
  11. can share the lobang on where u got it from?
  12. why not joven? my friend got ariston and its noisy. but it can be due to piping.
  13. yah, u gotta use those hammer drills. i got mine from my dad's. we like to drill holes here and there since our flat walls are those prefab types. to avoid hitting metal bars, just refer to your floorplan... for network cabling, will upload once its done. finishing them later tonight... have to work after 6pm.
  14. i think lightings.com.sg sells cheaper fanco fans.
  15. Yeah, drill 1-2 holes through walls and some use trunking which will be covered by false ceiling. Will be using switch or router to connect them up.
  16. Ouh yah, I'll be doing my own CAT 6 wiring up. I got good lobang for cheap custom CAT 6 cables for those who wants to DIY. (I bought about 50m) Cheaper than retail CAT 5!
  17. wow, it has been a very long and tiring weekend. Did some shopping for lighting units and for me, almost 3 days of electrical re-wiring works. Its pretty easy for DIY but you gotta have an experience person around. My cuz managed to help out. He's good. Anyways, didnt have much pics to share yet.. here are some snapshots. Aircon installation up: Big trunking behind kitchen wall ( I wonder y installer choose longest path instead of shortest path to the aircon conduit): Some plumbing works in common toilet: For washing machine:
  18. thanks!! Still more work needs to be done
  19. hi livinstyle and payton, got them at Joo Chiat Complex level 3.. Golden City. I think some IDs order from them as they have been in the industry for very long. The shop may look old-school but they do have catalog similar to those at other wallpaper shops. For my design, its 118 (70cm x 10m). They will usually take a few days or 2 weeks to order the wallpaper. Happy hunting.!
  20. --continued view from kitchen, will put up glass panel here: erected a wall up, created kitchen opening. KIV glass swing door here: Went to look at wallpaper and came across this very nice design. Looks suitable for our master bedroom. Hence we bought it. 2 rolls altogether and $5 for glue. Will be doing self installation. Pretty good price when compared to those big wallpaper stores. They are in the wallpaper business for more than 25 yrs! Also, we went to Aussino yesterday as my friend has a 40% discount! How coincidental. Spent $270 just on bedsheets but the bed is still not here. haha. Will have aircon installation this week as well as delivery of sanitary goods. Will post pics of those too.
  21. took pics this weekend and shop for a few stuffs.. Common toilet tiles: Master bedroom: my lovely mosaic tiles, nicely done: plastering work in progress. I like to smooth edges. No more rockstone!!
  22. bro, ikea has similar ones in pine wood. u can stain them also
  23. hi all, i know of a master photographer that shoots bridal. in fact he would b doing for mine and already did my pre wedding. very original ideas and creative. PM me for his contact. good things must recommend.