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  1. I never specifically asked the ID or contractor to put them hori or verti, they automatically install them vertically. Think of that, it will look a bit weird to install tile horizontally. But maybe in certain area of wall, it will make the room look a bit bigger, especially if the material is light in color,
  2. I lived in landed property for 24 years, and now I live in level 12. The dense of dust is not so much different. But I use to have some plants and big front yard (lawn) before my entrance, maybe dense tea box can help to filter dust, dirt, and noise from street into your house.
  3. Hi Patsy_sg's

    I just saw your posting, it is quite late though, Just want to know,

    Have you got your oil decking yet?



  4. Hi Luohan, Have you installed your new flooring? Hope it runs well and perform better than before,
  5. I also think 1cm is too wide, and the finishing looks sloppy Internal humidity usually higher than outside,especially close to wet area (bathroom and kitchen, but still, 1 cm gap with that finishing is too much.. Usually people put skirting to close the gap and make the joint between the wall and floor looks nice and tidy
  6. Hi, For works such that, you can engaged a contractor if you already have a specific and detail idea how it is gonna look like, but if you still searching idea, better to engaged architect, I think it is quite a tricky job too, img828.imageshack.us/img828/8306/sgv1.th.jpg
  7. I think the second option will make your room is wider and you can put more stuffs (i love more space to put stuffs...), and if you put them as a walk in wardrobe, I think the wardrobe also not big enough for you to "walk in".....
  8. Hi Lubber Duckie, Agree with morganwu, there are many other options beside chengal and timber, Have you considered strand woven bamboo? it finishings just like natural wood and teak color, But it is moisture and scratch resistant, and also low VOC (low toxicity), the price is $16psf for indoor flooring and $24psf
  9. Agree with nimm12, anyway glossy parquet looks like plastic, loss all the natural sense...
  10. Hi Voxy, Have you installed the chengai to your patio? Strand woven bamboo outdoor decking (verandah) Strand Woven Bamboo outdoor decking (balcony)
  11. Hi Ken10 and 3 monster, Have you choose your outdoor decking yet? Below are some pictures that are using strand woven bamboo,
  12. ou mean those very very small ones, like.. less than 0.5mm one? it could be mold bugs... check out those threads discussing on molds to see if that's the same one we were talking about~ yea i got them soon after i moved in... for now, you can try those "poison" for ants and insects... those powder ones... hope you understand which type i am refering to~ Yup, I guess I am talking about those.... I already called in the pest terminators...See what they recommend.... Hi, Thats defenitely a mold bug, maybe there is a condensation inside the cabinet, I have seen something like that before, its quite scary.. You should check if there is water seeping or leaking close to the area that you mentioned.Usually following with smell, are encountered something like that as well?
  13. Hi guys, I am choosing between semi-glass and semi-matte vanishing for my Parquet flooring. Actually i prefer something which can be less maintenance and with-stand scratching. Which 1 should i go for? Hi nismosunny, Have you considered strand woven bamboo flooring for your home? It is exactly what you need, less maintenance (vacuum or sweep only) and scratch and water resistant. Bamboo Flooring Vs Hardwood Bamboo Flooring in your Front room The finishing you can see from the below pictures; Hopefully the information will be useful for you,
  14. I mean bamboo flooring .. well for bamboo you buy the product for a life time because of its long durable and low maintenance. Bamboo also has a very low moisture and water absorption and also anti scratch even on the heavy traffic area... Here are some opinion in the internet; http://www.streetdirectory.com/etoday/bamboo-flooring-pros-and-cons-ppjpw.html http://www.articleculture.com/Art/1412/221/Bamboo-Flooring-Review-Pros-And-Cons-Of-Bamboo-Floor.html http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/199447/home_flooring/bamboo_flooring__.html
  15. Have u considered any natural product flooring?..