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  1. wah!! tell us who ur ID is? Definately they are cheating? where gt difference top up so much one?
  2. hey.where is the shop at Jln eunos? sounds good for $13 for a PLC can pm me? thanks!
  3. Kodai

    Home Lighting

    Hi herlynn..wat is the brand of ur ceiling fan?
  4. Pls PM the warehouse you buy the lights, and also the LED Lights. Thanks.

  5. me went to vlux geylang and palace lightings bout beginning of the year... Vlux sales man like dont bother u tht kind.. nice lightings bt quite ex.palace lightings sales guy give one kind attitude.. went there and ask sum ceiling lights price... after saying im juz taking a look and considering,the guy give me one kind look and shake his head!!! buay tahan !!!
  6. my 2cents worth...i would only recommend KDK,fanco or rega. my dad use kdk for bout a year still ok...bt design looks abit industrial..my dad thinkin of changing nw.im using rega fan 56 inch..so far so good and they offer fan balancing for me and gd after sales services as well :)gt it at $260
  7. hi bro, can pm me the place as well? wanna compare coz my dad wanna buy... thanks!
  8. nt entirely true leh... used PLC lightings b4 and compare the energy used to LED...the meter reading bar outside my house doesnt spin as fast as the LED...it is bright as well depending on wat sizes u gonna take... plus LED is better on eyes u cn check out this warehouse at eunos coz last time i chck was that they selling at $85 for a standard 4 inch frame which is quite big enough if u use it for living rm:) retail shops selling at $100-$130 PER LED downlight..
  9. hey u can consider get lightings for - at eunos... i was quite shocked for the price they quote for PLC lightings compared to shops in balestier and jln besar... gt my a gd deal and this guy who served us called Nicholas gave me a further discount on ceiling lights as well! sum more the design is the latest! almost gt choppped for $170 for a ceiling light at this MEGA shophouse along balestier rd! salesman also don bother bout u at this shops... so far this guy who served us at e warehouse was by far the friendliest guy who we met:) genuine and quote reasonably as well
  10. LED downlights will be the best in energy saving... bt will be abit painful when u first buy it...bt will save alot alot on electric bill:) i take PLC lightings for start due to cost and its energy saving also... LED uses abt 1-3w depending on number of bulbs in the downlight,PlC uses abt 13w per bulb... bought 10 PLC lightings at this warehouse for $25 inclusive of 2 bulbs sum more!!
  11. hey Its located at -..kaki bukit rd 2.01-09.E-warehouse.look for Nicholas:) his number is 9 approachable and nt pushy like other salesguy:)
  12. LED lights can be a pinch when u bought it first but u wont regret it after u receive ur first bill... PLC downlights is already energy saving bt LED is even more! my bill for the first month is less than $50!
  13. quite e leh... ur LED downlight size is the 4 inch frame or the bigger?