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  1. Hi, I dont see any issue of hacking that wall. Its should be fine.
  2. First, remove metal legs. second, sit on it. third, take it out of your room. Its a simple job, dont waste money.
  3. Lol, finally ah! It has been near to 4 months since your reno was completed.
  4. Hi Tom, There's a project in this t-blog, the owner hacked the kitchen wall and did a table top for their breakfast using high stool. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40605&st=80 The cost is base on the length of the wall, hacking, plaster smooth, table top materials, PE fees, etc. Just sent you a pm too.
  5. Disappear...are they from the same company? Some carpenters they have different person to go to the site. For example, the boss of the carpenter will go down to take a rough dimension so he can give the id a price. Once the Id confirm with him, the boss will get his carpenter to go down to take the site measurements. If you have sign up the whole contract including the carpentry, I doubt they will let you take out from the contract, they might ask you to compensate. Btw no harm trying if you are really afraid of they can't meet the timing or workmanship. It's good if u can call up your id and check with him what's happening to the carpentry.
  6. For laminate flooring installations are done in tongue and groove method. Some call it as clip system. Not only supreme do that. But most of them do.
  7. Hi frosty, Have you heard of the older the jade is, the nicer color it will turn? Btw if the color you like you can just polish it. It will shine back. As for the water Absorb is the marble flooring. And its easy to maintain, as you can see most of the commercial building they are using granite, and they are using those cleaning machine to clean them with plenty of water. Hope this info help.
  8. bro, for HDB u dont need a LEW, a electrician will do the job liao. LEW is needed for testing and the cost is high. Rewire first then painting i guess
  9. Hi renotm, it depends on the length. and how many points of lighting.
  10. As for schedule, its always says that PROPOSED SCHEDULE... if yourself delay some work or have additional or even drag some of the time. How could the contractors met the schedule?
  11. If this is given to contractors for your home, you are really asking for bad workmanship due to rush work. As for retails and commerical, theres a LD because of huge rental fee, workers pay and etc. Hope other members here do not follow your way. Do you want to save a few hundreds and compromise the workmanship that you might used at least for 5 to 10 years? Do a calculation for this.
  12. hi slothbal,

    re laminate is not adviseable. I do mainly on commercial and retails. If you want i can pay u a visit at ur shop and give u a qoute.

    Best Regards,

    Douglas Hoh


  13. Agreed... the price is reasonable. But make sure he has time to jaga your reno work nice nice. good luck
  14. if you are only stacking them from bottom to top without a grap like what i did for my customer then its much easy. but the effect wont be that nice la. since its DIY means budget, then just stack up each other.