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  1. hi all, does anyone know where can i buy Rinnai A330DP without rainshower ? how much ? thank you arigato !
  2. Yes, fully agree .... after seeing the review, i feel that i need to go and check my items as i havnt physically check them ... it was received by my contractor One thing i wanted to point out is that my contractor brought me there saying can get good discount and althought the receipt stated total is so much and after certain percent discount , i paid that much but i wan to point out is that i found that the heater i buy is still $100 expensive than outside so pls buy at your own risk
  3. hi, can u recommend for a four room kitchen how many CM size is suitable ? and is it brightness adjustable ? thank you
  4. hi, when we say pray at the middle of the house, are we referring to the middle of the living room only ? or based on the floorplan, measure out the middle of the whole house ?/?? sorry for being greenhorn ... hehe
  5. bro, where u buy spin fan ? can share how much too ? i saw website selling $888 for 52" ??? Bro ... how much ?
  6. bro, where u buy spin fan ? can share how much too ? i saw website selling $888 for 52" ???
  7. hi, can PM me where u get the Haiku fan and the Changeable bulb downlight ? xie xie !!!
  8. Hi, saw them advertising 2 weeks back, anyone tried them ? Can pls share ? arigato !
  9. good day to Freb, sorry i just started reading yours ... if used down light, will it bright enough if on one or two bulbs but why ur drawing show like got cove light ?
  10. Hi Sapphire, 1) Kindly PM your reno contact 2)As for the digital lock on the main door, wonder can ur door auto close when u leave the house or u still need to manual close it fully ? 3)can u specify what do u mean by pushing the gate to open ?? i tot gate is pull open ?? 4)so u are actually using card to open the gate ? not by fingerprint ? i really paisay to ask so many questions ... Thank you and your kitchen really look good ... can i also know just the cost for that ?