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  1. Hi Ding Dong, The electrician will supply all except for #8. I know quite rush. Hopefully he can give some discount and i don't need to go through the hassle. Thanks for your response.
  2. The quotation i got. 18/12/2011 QUANTITY PRICE AMOUNT To supply labour and materials for: 1 Lighting Points 13 points $38 each 2 Installation of Lights 18 $13 each 3 Installation of Fans 5 $50 each 4 Single Sockets 5 $60 each 5 Double Sockets 3 $70 each 6 Oven Point 1 $130 7 Single Socket Control by 20A Switch 1 $90 8 Changing of Whole House Socket Covers - $200 $200 (Materials supplied by owner)
  3. Hi everyone, I need to source for a reliable electrician. The quote i got from the electrician recommended by my contractor don't seem to be very good. I will try and talk to him and see if he can give me a better price, but at the same time, i hope to contact a few other electricians for quote as well. I need an electrician by early next week. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Nice wor... It will be SO nice if i can watch tv while i bake... Haa... By the way, can pm me your woodworks contact please??
  5. So nice, your mum can watch tv when she cook.
  6. Yes! The age where they love to climb and its going to be like that for a while. Haa... I am having headache everyday. Can't wait to send my #2 to school next year after we moved. So i die die must move in by end dec. My balcony is 3.3 * 1.8. Your quote looks good. Can you PM me your contractor's contact? Thanks.
  7. Hi chronograph, Thanks for your advise leh. Seems like its really not easy. Haiz... Maybe i should just go with whatever i like. Save me all the headache.
  8. Hi Mae, Thanks for the link. I will view it when my hubby is back from his reservist. 1 man show these few days... Super tired...
  9. Turf in the balcony... Nice... A nice and safe place for the kids. Is your balcony very big? My hubby wanna put wooden deck for our balcony. Your kids still very young? Mine 4 plus and another coming 2 in a few days time.
  10. Thanks so much!!! My hubby does not want to touch our own cash for the new house and he wants to save part of the sales proceed we got from our current place for the kids, so got to budget our reno. Bad thing is that i need to redo the flooring for the whole house. So i think i may do what you did, approach the different contractors.
  11. I was looking at mansionette or executive but COV at about 100k. Ended up, i got a 5 rooms... Hee... I will be getting my key in Nov and has been asking for quotes. Wanted to ask you, by engaging different contractors, how would we know who to come in first? There will be a lot of coordination from your end?
  12. So my table position quite good... Hee... ;p I even choose to put the computer in my own room so that there is even less temptation... Haa... We will work hard.
  13. Thanks DouglasHoh, Thanks for your response. Initially I want to do only 1 row of cabinet (along where the sink is). Then an island for the stove and working area, but I read the stove should not face door and I've got the kitchen door and toilet door there, so push the stove to face the wall. Anyone know more about stove facing? For the study table, I wanted a more classroom style. Will get a mobile big white board for teaching, so better they face this way and not the wall. Easier for me.
  14. Hi, I've just got a resales 5 rooms at Serangoon. Moving there because i wanted to register my girl in a nearby primary school in 2 years times. My hubby do not want to hire a FS master and since i am a full time stay home mum and do not have income, so i better shut up and not ask him to spend a bomb on this. Would appreciate if anyone could give some advise and help if there is any big major issue i need to take note on, especially if it impact harmony in the house, hubby's opportunities and health. Is the position of my stove and sink ok? And i heard that if i place the study tables for the kids in the direction that is good for them, it can help them to focus better? Can anyone enlighten me on this? Below is my floor plan. My first appointment on 11 Oct. Need to move in before school starts in Jan. Hope everything will be smooth smooth. Uploaded with ImageShack.us House facing is north.
  15. Its interesting! I like. I can see you dedication in supervising your reno and most importantly, your love towards your 3 boys. I just copied your 'an chuan' method.
  16. Thanks Mae. Guessed my not considered narrow... I am now reading your blog. Interesting! Only @ page 8 tough. Got to wait for my little monsters to sleep before i can do my own thing.
  17. I really appreciate all the replies. Thanks!!
  18. If its only harder to get rich, i'm still ok. Happiness and harmony within the family is the most important. As long as it does not harm the health of my 2 babies and my hubby, i think i'm happy. Mine is also wide gaps.
  19. Hi Mae, Thanks for your reply. Do you know of anyway i can ward off this 'sha qi'? I am fine but i just don't want anything unpleasant to happen to my 2 little ones. Oh no... I am quite worried now.
  20. If its not the main door that has this view, but the kitchen or bedroom, any big concern? I just realised that the new house i bought may have this view either from the kitchen or master bedroom.