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  1. My ID is Sunny and I'm overall very very pleased with the design of my living room. It's been 4 months since handover and he's still very responsive to my call. Just last week he sent the contractor down to drill a clothes hanger behind a bedroom door very promptly. Sunny is quite "ah beng" in look and may put one off on first impression but he's actually very experience. For those who says their workmanship is no good, well I guess it all depends on which contractor did the job. Mine is Mr Foo and I am overall very pleased with his workmanship.
  2. I've seen this at Ikea, cannot remember the price though.
  3. don't buy too fast... I also wanted to buy a dryer when we first move in cos our clothes took 2 days to dry but decided to observe for another few more days. These days our clothes dry up by the next day... so dryer is on hold
  4. you can use microfiber cloth to wipe glass / mirror i bought mine during sale at Robinson.
  5. He re-did the rack and it's so much nicer now at my desired height
  6. I saw a 4-rods silver chimes at Centrepoint on Sat (24 Jul). Name of shop, iirc is called "the loft". Never bother to ask how much since I have already bought mine at cardsnsuch. Hope this helps.
  7. If the bottom part can be pulled down, report as defect and it will be rectified FOC. That's what we did.
  8. Hi Philzero Thanks for your fast input. I came back and measure the height of dish rack in my current flat and it's 54" from floor! My ID finally agreed to rectify without cost to me on condition that it's minimal work involve.
  9. Can any expert please advise if there is such a thing as "standard height" for dish rack? I had a shock when I saw the height of my dish rack. It's way too high for me and I have to tiptoe in order to reach the plates. My ID said that he follows the standard height which is 2ft above solid surface and if I want the dish rack to be lower than the standard, I should have indicated to him earlier. Now he wants to charge me $300 if I want the dish rack to be redone.
  10. You can go to Centrepoint, one level above cardsnsuch, there's a shop that sells solid rods windchimes.
  11. seems like your masterbedroom sink may be positioned too in, will your head hit the vanity cabinet at the top?
  12. Aircon on top of TV console may not be a very good idea as we have experienced condensation leaking from aircon before. Luckily for us there wasn't anything below, so nothing was spoilt. JMHT.
  13. Same here. I ask him if I can place the divider closer to the door, he say cannot. Must place according to his calculation. So end up my foyer is very big
  14. Wife's Choice is nicer how much does it cost?
  15. thanks prissypris. I saw the pic on their site but it's very small, so can't really tell. anyway, I've changed mine to optic white and awaiting delivery in 2 week's time
  16. $1000 is cheap as compared to $1200 and $1500 quoted by a contractor and ID respectively.
  17. Hi Prisspris, can click a pic of your optic white hob please? I'm also thinking of changing from black to optic white to match my solid surface top. TIA.
  18. Actually all I did is remove the silver fish at the top and replace it with a key ring for hanging. The silver fish is too colourful for our liking. The two balls are originally there. I bought it at cardsnsuch at Centrepoint. Unbelieveable dirt cheap price! Another shop one level above sells windchimes with solid rods too, but they don't have it in 4 rods. Was told new stocks arriving in August. Ngunadi: Do let me know if you manage to find crystal balls at Chinatown. I want to replace both with real crystal balls too.
  19. this is mine after removing the decorative fish at the top, much simpler looking without the fish:
  20. I found mine too... Mr Chang says can use the modern ones as well, as long as it's solid silver rods. Anyway, I'm removing the decorative fish at the top of the wind chimes. Will click a pic of mine tonight.
  21. ok, now i understand. mine is done right at the entrance of the passage way, so the water pipe has to be on the left where the bomb shelter is.
  22. Hi Fifteenmay, are you using system 4 aircon? I don't see any pvc truncking in your passageway. Juz wondering how it's hiden... my living room aircon unit has a truncking right below the bomb shelter air circulation hole, very ugly
  23. the longest length i think is about 10". those are more for tourists, with dolphins, merlions or birds attached to it. don't think can use these for fengshui reasons. I just need to hang one in one of the bedrooms, besides wardrobe. Problem now is where to find it!!!
  24. I just came back after walking the whole stretch of pagoda street, looking for solid wind chimes. Lots of stalls selling them but all HOLLOW RODS! Couldn't find it at fu lu shou too