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  1. hi,

    care to share what bad reviews on kingcoil? i found one king coil bed but see your response abit scared.

    u bought Dunlopillo? is is good for back aches? how much was it? king or queen sized which model mdm...


  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Ang bao come come! We wished we had something to update, but we didn't add new things to our house.
  3. After a year, your house looks as good as ever
  4. So hilarious... I wish I am a collector, but I don't know how to maintain the toys from turning yellow other than keeping them in the boxes or plastic bags.
  5. How come? The lift so small? I thought my thick dunlop mattress cannot go into the lift, but surprisingly, the mattress can fit into the lift.
  6. This is my first time buying a proper bed. I also thought all bedsheets can fit in all kinds of mattresses. So I never consider the mattress height before I purchase the bed. I thought 17" bedsheet fittings is easy to find, but it took me some time to find suitable bed fittings, and it is not cheap at all. Last time I slept in Ikea sofa bed, and I bought a lot of bedsheets from NTUC. Cheap and good, about $20+, can change anytime I want. When there is sales, I will buy a lot to keep. Now I want to buy new bedsheets I have to think twice.
  7. I got bad experience with my aircon installer too. I think all aircon installers are the same kind. My aircon installer came to do our aircon, but forgot to bring the board to cover the wall. He said he will bring the board the next day, so we agreed. Who knows what.... that very night rain very heavily. When the aircon man went to install the board the next morning, he didn't call us to say our room was flooded. He only know how to call me when he can't open the door because our door lock is old and rusty, so he don't know the "tactic" to open the door. He should at least have the courtesy to call me back, and tell me the room is flooded. He installed his board and left the place. We went to the house after work and found our room flooded with water. We end up cleaning the mess. It was his fault for not bringing the board to cover the hole, otherwise the rain won't come in the house.
  8. You have good design sense, very nice. If you give me that two bottles, they are not enough to put my toiletries. If you open my "medicine box", you will see how many things I have put inside - medicines, cotton, sanitary, facials, mouthwash, etc. Is it expensive to custom-made that piece of mirror?
  9. I think I need a robot cleaner too. I don't have time for housework, so having a "helper" at home to vacuum my house will be terrific.
  10. Do take special note when buying bedsheets. Most brands do state how much thickness their bed fittings can fit your mattress. The highest I saw is 17", about 42cm. 16" is up to 40cm. Major brands do carry up to 14" bed fittings and below, so you can buy your bedsheets at ease. As for my mattress, it is 16-17" thickness, so I need to find brands like King Koil etc. My mattress can't fit Aussino bedsheets. The thickest they offer is 15".
  11. A few suggestions: 1) You can do a kitchen island for your dining area since the area is big, kitchen island allows you to have more storage space and provide a grand look. Since you emphasis on your TV feature wall, the more you should emphasis on the dining area to match the look. Having a dining table is fine, but the feeling and look are too plain. 2) You can do a swing-out glass door for your MBR toilet, instead of swinging inward since the new hollow wall does not have new wardrobe/cabinet, this allows you to do a swing-out door to save space for your MBR toilet. You then can place the basin in the MBR toilet instead of placing it outside the toilet. Then you can focus on longer or wider built-in wardrobe. You will never know when you need more space for clothes 3) Ideally, it doesn't look nice to change the bedroom door entrance facing the dining area. I prefer the door entrance to remain where it is, so your guests cannot look into the bedroom while dining in the dining area.
  12. Your house still need chemical washing? I don't think you can move in this Friday either.
  13. When I see the topic title, I thought I was expecting to see a full white house.
  14. Why don't consider paint the beams with darker tones? At least there is a color contrast. Otherwise it looks a bit boring
  15. I like the wood-alike tiles too.