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  1. Hi art or design experts, How do you place art pieces around the house? Can advise please? From what I know, you have to measure the item you intend to place it above and cater at least 2/3, about 8-10 inches above say the sofa, at least 60 inches from the floor and give about 2-5inch between each frame. However for simplicity's sake, say for example a 3-seater sofa, a dining area (for a standard 1.5m table with 6 chairs), a standard king/queen size bed, what size art pieces will you cater above these furniture pieces? For sofa, will 3 pieces 50cm x 70cm or 2 pieces 60cm x 60cm work? For dining area, will 3 pieces 50-70cm work? For king/queen bed, will 2 pieces 50-70cm work? Thanks!
  2. Philips Saeco HD8930/01 Royal One Touch Cappucino Brand new in box with 2 yrs warranty. Retail Price: $2899... Selling at $1899 http://www.philips.com.sg/c/coffee-makers/royal-automatic-milk-frother-silver-hd8930_01/prd/?t=specifications Pls sms 98512860 for more details. Thanks!
  3. me too, can pm me your contractor's contact & price you paid? Many thanks!
  4. That is the lowest quote i have got leh. Some others even quoted me $1200-1300+. **** jialat. Anyone got cheap & good contacts instead?
  5. I got a quotation for decking of the planter box - $1000 excluding GST. Sounds like very ex when it is just a l-shape planter box? Prices are so crazy nowadays???
  6. Basically I got 2 design issues, I don't know what to do with the master bedroom and the bay windows. The bedroom is so small and doesn't even have space for a wardrobe, so the bombshelter serves as its wardrobe. Then the living room is so small, I do not know where to put the dining table. So jialat.
  7. I just need to do up the decking, lightings, curtains & laminate the bay window in the master bedroom. Can someone recommend me contractors for these? Many thanks!!
  8. Btw, can I check with you what to do with the bedroom I posted above - there is no wardrobe and there is a bombshelter inside the room that served as a walk in wardrobe? What can I do with the bay windows that run along the side length of the room? Is laminate the cheapest way to do it? What lights do you recommend for the small living room (4 light points - 2 more for living room, 2 nearer to the dry kitchen)? Many thanks!!
  9. The ceiling piece is inverted - I don't know how to rotate it back. I have invited only 4 ID designers - quotations vary greatly. Very disappointed that Mr. K's quotation is so expensive! I am only doing up the kitchen, living room, & two bathrooms & his quote is $70k!! I have to skip him no choice I cannot talk over my hubby over his quotation when it is double of the next lowest quote.