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  1. Hi all, letting go of a new good quality kitchen sink due to wrong measurement of carpentry work during renovation. Selling off New Double Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink Lenght 1000mm Internal 930mm Colour Light Grey Double Bowl Sink Condition New ( Never use before ) Original Price: $429 before 7% GST Selling off at $350 Pick up Only Location Punggol Please drop me a email if keen, price still adjustable. Please go here to see the Pic http://singapore.gumtree.sg/c-Stuff-for-Sale-Home-Furnishing-Other-Home-Furnishing-Items-Granite-Double-bowl-Kitchen-Sink-W0QQAdIdZ616206461
  2. Agree seng. And unlikely to change sink within 10years
  3. Kitchens Sink part to be done in cement ( sink support with tiles finish ) very strong, seems to be good, but come to a day where you need to change the sink would be a headache. The door frame ( if you are not using aluminum sliding or casenment ) will also face the same problem if you dun maintance it well. Kitchen sink part to be done wood in laminated finish, yes, will spoil easily if you dun maintance it well. Or there's a leakage of water from the tap, inlet ect... But changing of sink would be easy ( provided top mount sink ) Hope you find it useful.
  4. Hi, I'm working as a free lance renovator. If you dun mind, you can email me your floor plan and things to do to me and I can provide you a quote. Got a show flat at Punggol for you to look at the workmanship Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm working as free lance, have you sign the contract with this ID? if you dun mind, you can pm me your floor plan and things to do. Can give u a better price then above. Thanks
  6. Hi Sure have hollow feeling one. The one I install for my customer got groove line one. PM me ur email i show you the Pic. Thanks
  7. Now how's the renovation on going?? is there any pending hacking works? if not by xmas should be ok. But regarding handover date, there's no law to protect. and its end year, might face some problem with carpentry work because a lot of owners rushing to shift in before xmas or CNY...
  8. Koukii

    3S Quartz?

    LOL, Guess they are really quite new.
  9. Hi, I'm working as a free lance. If you dun mind, you can email ur floor plan and things to do to me. Got a show flat to view for workmanship. Thanks
  10. Try laminated flooring CLASSEN® Laminate Floor Nice Matt finish. But have to take care because it's not water proof. More hardy comparing with vinyl tile (So call HERF ) Or vinyl flooring (. HERF ) FORMICA® Vinyl Flooring Confirm water proof But less scratch resist Take shape of existing flooring. Wood culture laminated flooring not bad, ( berry series ) Used on one of my customer platform. Will pm u the finish product if u are keen.
  11. Hi, First u have to know if they have over lay before or not. If this the 3rd time, u can't over lay. Screening the whole house at first will give u a bit "powder" feel. U need to polish ( normal one ) / buff. But still will crake over 2 to 3 years. And you might wanna to some chipping over the old tiles just in case The screening can't hold onto the old tiles even u apply W1 and chemical cement over it. Hope u find it useful.
  12. Koukii

    3S Quartz?

    Never tried them before, I used lian Heng for my own house. Not bad.
  13. HI its about $14-$18k depanding on how much electrical works to be done and carpentry. if you dun mind, u can PM me ur floor plan and give u my best quote Nick
  14. I got quite a number of spot light to buy say like about 12pcs. comparing with $10 with $27, i think i go for the $10 first. have any ideal where or which webbie that sell?? Thanks.
  15. Just a qns, Is the LED cheap? ANyone? 3w LED spot light integrated whole set for $12?? - retail selling like $27 to $30 plus 6w LED round frosted glass downlight for $25?? Please advice..
  16. and permit comes into the picture when hacking works need to be done.
  17. Permit usually come with a company. like so and so construction pte ltd. for example you can look for people like tiler seng or nick if you not looking for any id..