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  1. Pre-loved 7-year-old sofa from Cellina looking for new owner. This sofa is a 3-piece set, and is filled with many happy moments of family and friends. It has been the centerpiece for my home all these while. It is still in very good condition. The living room in our new house is way too small to fit in this giant. So am selling it for S$700 (not including delivery). Come with 6 large cushion (52cm x 52cm) in gray. Able to get it as a set, complete with coffee table and TV console for a wholesome price of S$1,000. Pictures available upon request. Picture of sofa - https://www.dropbox.com/s/k8dh8wyq468jkw8/photo%207-9-15%2011%2024%2053%20pm.jpg?dl=0 Dimension - https://www.dropbox.com/s/7hnl48cdvwkxo06/Photo%207-9-15%2011%2024%2004%20pm.png?dl=0
  2. You are making it sounds like you are NEVER coming back again BUT, speaking of you, me also... long long time log in once *guilty*
  3. Can try SINCERE at Bt. Timah S.C. I got mine there, 3m long. So far so good, the quality's good as well The price is $330, i think.
  4. I also hope this is not true. But one of my fren, a very close one. her life hasn't really been smooth, in terms of work, love life & academic wise. All these put together, it's actually quite hard to achieve something. So there was this time, where one of her fren bring her to this medium to change her luck. They will actually communicate to some beings, to find out why u are suffering. Some is because of the house, some is because of something the family have done etc etc. For her, the medium said she has too many pairs of shoes lying in her house, and she don't wear them. That's why her road in life is not smooth, alot of xiao-ren & obstacles. True enough leh, my friend is a shoe-freak. Fifty over pairs of shoes in her house. How to wear it often when you have only one pair of feet, and fifty over pairs of shoes? wearing one each day, enough to last you ALMOST TWO MONTHS! i also quite believe in this. On my 20th birthday, my Aunt bought me a very beautiful doll from London, those classic one with full pom-pom dress & curly hair. I find her too real & beautiful, creeps me out. Nonetheless, I put her in one of my cabinet. My dog always bark at her in the middle of the night. Not the usual short one, is those **** fierce one. And her hair will stand up. This continued for a few nights, until my mum got scare. Put a piece of red paper over her face, apologize to her that our house is not the place for her. The next day, take her to a temple & put it under the tree. Everything peaceful from then on. Only my Aunt is pissed, cos she said that doll cost her almost SG$100, as it is in pounds. She claimed that we should have given it back to her if we don't appreciate it. But i think the doll's best place is still the temple. God knows what's inside man...
  5. I live on the 12th floor, the water pressure in my rain shower are pretty decent, it's the hand-held shower head that's driving me crazy... very very weak. It's those bar one, meaning, it's like a pole... more modern in design. any comments on it?
  6. I can vouch for it. I use it every month in my MBR toilet, purposedly wait until there's a lot of mould on the shower screen gap, then spray alot overnight next morning, just use the shower head & spray the water off... Ta-dah!! Clean & white! p/s: i so enjoy the process, always grumble to my hubby that why it take so long for the mould to grow back
  7. have had 5 Samsung TV, 2 from years ago. 3 in my house now... No problem at all... The only problem you'll face is when u go to the shop assigned by Samsung to collect the free gift. They play all kinds of tricks. So be careful hor.
  8. Maybe u can try toothpaste.. My mum used it on my stove, very bright & shiny le..
  9. Not hardworking.. it's bobian... But nowadays, I try to delegate this job to Hubby...
  10. Sama sama! I also using these.. the so-call Maria method... Bobian.. My mum teach one, any better way?
  11. Your mother & my mother come from the same planet! But normally she'll bug us to buy her facial stuff.. Cos of her sensitive skin, she need to get those special care one.. VERY expensive!
  12. No problem~ This thread is all about saving money ma... Happy I can contribute smthg..
  13. Yes, it cost $30 a month to sustain the airpot. Both my mum & MIL can vouch for it. My mum was the first to notice it, cos when our airpot spoilt, she temporary change to those vacuum flask, and realised the impact on the electricity bill. So I told my MIL, who was very dependent on the airpot(coz of convenience) & she was very skeptical.. That is, until the bills came.. And she joined the vacuum flask club! Imagine how much my mum wasted on the airpot, we used that for 8yrs hor..
  14. Wa.. the fitted sheet is so helpful!! I always have a problem with them.. thanks
  15. But I thought when U sign for the near-parent grant, you should already know that u can't sell/buy flats for the next 5years ma.. no?