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  1. Hi, may I know if you tile insert floor trap is 15cm X 15cm or 10cm x 10cm? Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I know the shop, I got my ceiling fan from them some months ago when my old one died, recommended by my cousin.
  3. Hi, The lights look really nice! Where did you get the bulbs from? Thanks!
  4. Has anyone gotten their contractor to make the shower area corner shelves out of ceramic tiles or some other stone like marble? If yes, how much did it cost?
  5. Ok ok you are a good landlord Try to talk to your tenant nicely, if the problem persists and you cant take it anymore, then it's time to serve notice.
  6. So sometimes got to give and take esp you are earning rental from them. Cannot expect perfect tenant cos we aren't perfect ourselves. Small things just let it go if your tenants are generally ok. I have heard of landlord for charging the tenant extra $5 a day whenever the tenant is on leave at home or works from home. The tenant will of cos find a better place soon after.
  7. That reminds me of a friend who stayed with me for a while. Doesn't flush the toilet after peeing no matter how many times I reminded him. Can tell me to flush for him somemore. Left his socks and underwear on my kitchen counter top and dining table *duh* My weekly cleaner always scringe whenever she has to clean his room. End up I have to ask him to move out before it destroys our relationship. Not worth it.
  8. Ya leaving the gate open may lead to a security breach which is a major issue. I'm not sure how useful is putting a cap on the utilities bill in the contract given that you are staying in the house as well. It is hard to ascertain how much electricity each tenant consume and hence who should pay more. Sometimes as the landlord you just have to suck it up. That's the thing about renting out, it's a matter of luck if your tenant is good or not. Telling them off too much might lead strained relationships and further conflicts.
  9. Hmm that's a bit too much. Try to talk to them nicely?
  10. Is the rental inclusive of utilities bill? If yes, you cant fault them for switching the aircon on.
  11. Hi, Does anyone knows where can I find multi tier clothes hanger/blouse tree in Singapore? Thanks. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B0...228013&s=hi
  12. Your doggie is girl mah, likes to look into mirror. My doggie did a funny thing when she was still a puppy which made us LUP. Once, she saw her reflection in the kitchen sliding door and started her lion dance, thinking there was another puppy to play with. After a few mins she went to peep behind the door to look for the puppy and peeped back at the reflection to check if the puppy was still there. Her bewildered look was so funny... haha
  13. Haha my girl used to do the lion dance to her reflection in the built in oven. She thought there was a doggy friend in there.
  14. All doggies should know how to do the doggie dance when they are excited, dont need to train lah. How is your doggie coping with your doggie gate?
  15. It's possible. Just tell the HDB officer during your 1st appointment to prepare 2 cheques.