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  1. This is really horrible. Can you ask them to loan you a tv console for the time being?
  2. Their stuff are nice but rather pricey I feel. I hope you didn't pay too much deposit! Can always change your mind later
  3. Please pardon the lack of updates, I'm getting so sian with my reno.... Inspired by makanology.... presenting treasures from my mum (or rather grandma)! I dug these out from my home. My mum is very happy to part with them as she doesn't use them at all. I also bought some vintage plates/glasses from vintage collectors.... Will share the pix after we move in. Another thermos to add on to my collection! If you have any vintage stuff to offload, please consider donating them to me!
  4. Love your TV console and coffee table! You got them from Journey East?
  5. Summersann, I'm not going for tv feature wall too! Just a nice pencil leg tv console made from vintage teak. Hurhur Love that cat condo! Did you buy from pet shops or online?
  6. The coffee cup looks good! Please do share your feedback on the swivel floor scrub after you used it.
  7. Wa! U bought that storage sofa? Looking forward to your pix!
  8. Eh, u buying wooden bed right? Take note of mould leh. My box came mouldy What are u buying from Amazon UK?
  9. Aiya, too bad I bought mine already. What brand is this and where did u get it from?
  10. Welcome to Renotalk! Mixing Mid Century with bits of industrial is nice! You may wanna consider adding dash of vibrant colours to the earthy tones
  11. Hmm, have you thought about how u want to lay the laminate? Say if you want to do it this way, it'll look weird cos the grain is running along its width. I don't really know how to explain, hope you get the drift
  12. Is your sink under or overmount? I've been looking for an undermount sink but they don't come with that hole for tap! Alas, I bought my sink already but me kaypoh wanna know
  13. Hey, tofu is 10x10, match with 15x15 baba tiles, and an huat tiles is another dimensions is it? So the fancy tiles will interperse among tofu tiles? Sounds like tough mathematics to me. Hurhur. Notice the black and white tile isn't in your selection. You not using it anymore? Eh, btw your laminate wood grain doesn't run along the length of the laminate but across the width. I find this a bit weird leh. If it's the former, the laminate can help to elongate your space also.
  14. Eh, silicon may turn mouldy especially when it's so near your floor tiles. Really must be careful when you mop. My island has a concrete support base with white tofu tiles on its exterior. It's done up already, now pending installation of carpentry. No issue of silicon there but the black grouting joining the floor is really ugly.
  15. Erm, I have no idea. I also have 2 cavities for microwave and nespresso, but have not seen the end product. If I remember correctly, my laminate is 10mm.
  16. Hmm, so the laminated door goes over the concrete sink support, therefore cannot see the sides of the concrete support base?
  17. Hmm, I thought abs trimming will make the black lines appear less obvious. No?
  18. Ya, I'm pretty sure he has different groups of tilers.
  19. So fast hor yours is starting le! Jaykr, my reno is almost ending... now left carpentry and installation of remaining lights.
  20. You are there often to can ask tiler to re-do for you? You are so lucky to get a good tiler...
  21. Mine is parquet flooring. Wonder if it's the same? I shall go back and scrutinize at the original wood skirting. The silicon part is in areas whereby carpentry were dismantled hence have to add skirting.
  22. Interesting point about silicon usage. Is it common/ normal to apply silicon at the topof skirting where it joins the wall?
  23. Oh ya, I remember you have grout that came off. Bleah. Now u talk about this, I'm tempted to remove some of the grout myself and re-grout! Check this tutorial out. http://homerenovations.about.com/od/tiling/ss/Remove-Tile-Grout.htm If you managed to grout them youself, please do share how u do it with us!