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  1. I tried the woodlands one before, I think it's so so only. Talking about this now makes me hungry!
  2. Does wardrobe's sliding door runner only comes in aluminium? I want black colour but carpenter says only aluminium is available
  3. Perhaps u can ask Alan about this. I didn't really research on which is more long lasting and cheaper. If you are going for laminates with design, you'd realize different brands offer different designs, so it all boils down to which design you prefer, not the other way round (brand-> design), at least for me. I chose Lamitak and Lam Chuan. As for thickness, I read in this forum that it matters when one is choosing glossy laminate, as laminate may appear wavy when viewed from the side if it's not thick enough. For glossy ones, some people say best to use at least 8mm or 10mm, but I think the quality of laminate matters too. I did asked Lamitak about wavy-ness and they say it's due to the plywood carpenter uses, as plywood may not be 100% even. Hope that helps
  4. So u managed to find that mu something led light kit? I forgot the name Which fei2 did you go to? There are two over there! I went to the one closer to brilliant. And did you try the rojak?
  5. Tell me about it. Sometimes I wonder too... When a decision may affect things like storage space, never highlight to owner.
  6. I see. Thanks for sharing! VOD ones must pay?
  7. This dongle streams drama and movies from online? Is it hard to find the content? Does it lag during streaming?
  8. The book case is quite big.. I think gonna ask them to deliver.
  9. Just to add on, Scanteak seems to have promo on its bookshelves perpetually. When I bought mine, it was $399 for 2 (buy one get one free promo). After that, they changed to $199 each. So ya, you get a rough idea of its so called promo price
  10. Erm, so have to get a drill separately if I want to fix Besta on the wall? Cos I intend to get a besta shelf.
  11. Yes, I tried searching on TB and it's very limited. If you don't want it to protrude, perhaps can use a lower wattage (so shorter) bulb?
  12. That metal piece is used for industrial and commercial purpose lah. I wanna adapt it for my wardrobe door. Meeting my contractor and carpenter on Sat to discuss about it, hope is do-able!
  13. Now that we've nothing much to do while waiting for carpentry, it's time to look at blinds and curtain. We like the clean look of white timber blind with contrasting black tape, something like this: But is it weird to do blinds for full height window with sliding door? This is how our living hall looks like. Door in the middle opens to the balcony. As the window is pretty wide, I can imagine blind cleaning will be a headache. Also, can such timber blind block out some light for day time tv viewing? Another option is to do curtains in a neutral shade like off white, since our living hall is already accented with bright colours.
  14. Mine is not LED but uses normal e27 light bulb, so the light holder looks different. Its more for general lighting... If you want to use it as a spotlight, then this is not suitable. I didn't take any photo at the shop, so no pix to share.
  15. Thanks for the headsup! Is their warehouse sale usually good?
  16. How does your TB one looks like? Apparently, design of the holder determines its usage, for eg light will be more dispersed as opposed to a concentrated beam. It's Catalina Lighting, Blk 3012 #04-2034 Bedok Industrial Park E. tel 64496030.
  17. Interested to see the end result of your rabbit condo Btw, what is this geylang shop? Can share address?
  18. Most probably buying them here. Crate & Barrel stocks these but not the full range. I heard Howard's storage world sells too but I have yet to check them out. Problem is the products' description is very much based on US size, eg 4 qt is supposed to be good for 5 lb flour but our flour here is usually in 1kg pack. I guess the container on the left of the spaghetti one is the 4 qt?
  19. OXO! I'm not sure what size to buy, and they come in rectangle, big and small square bases! Can you share what sizes are you using and what size is good for what? Thanks in advance!
  20. First, I need to learn how to speak Hokkien! LOL!
  21. Yesterday was venture into industrial estate day! And guess what I saw? I am expecting my tb orders from them this Sat. Hope everything will be fine. fingers crossed. Went to look for this metal thingy for our wardrobe door. Called a few suppliers and only two are kind enough to entertain me. But they were all like "why u wanna use this metal, may scratch your hand one". True enough, when I mishandled the sample piece accidentally in the car, it caused two tiny surface cuts on my fingers. Zzzz. But I am still keen to use it We were lucky the first supplier we visited were very nice people, so we decided to ask our carpenter to order from them. Didn't bother to compare price with a second supplier which I planned to visit yesterday but didn't do so. After this, headed to Second Charm to view our TV console, such a beauty! It was quite dark so didn't take any pix. Shall reveal more after they are delivered. Our last stop was in Changi industrial area. Ordered our E27 track lights from Catalina. The boss is very knowledgeable and shared quite a lot with us. Learned a lot during renovation and am still learning. The best part is, it has brought me to many interesting places I may otherwise not visit! Here's a parting shot I took at one of the industrial parks.
  22. I ordered the Kohler from Amazon. It cost less than S$100 per set! I can't wait to see my carpentry too, but contractor says there will be a delay. And we are supposed to move in end of the month. Seems like mission impossible. zzzz.
  23. Receive this in office today! When I saw price dropped by around US$20, quickly ordered this without hesitation. Presenting... my Kohler Flipside handshower! Erm, just box pix cos I forgot to take pix of the handshower and already sealed up the parcel after inspecting
  24. Are you using ID or contractor? If possible, go down as often as you can; nothing beats checking workmanship and possible mistakes yourself. If you are concerned about painting, you may want to head down on the first day of painting and check the paint cans there. It's especially important to go down if you are choosing different paint colours, cos you can then brief the painters what colours go where. Hope that helps.