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  1. Hi, I received an email saying you asked a question on HMA but when I checked my messages box, there is no message.

    If you are asking about HMA, no I have not been using it often. But I tried several servers, some fast, some very slow. I find Hong Kong quite fast. I had not problems downloading. The problem could be the server on the other end. Some of them are very slow or not even active. Try to download some other file and see if you encounter the same problem. The problem likely lie with the number of seeds rather than your connection. speed.

  2. Hi Luxe, Nice coriander! Defrotsting food at room temperature in our climitate might not be a good idea ? http://www.stilltasty.com/articles/view/9
  3. Hi hi I will most likely order the seeds from one of these sites: http://www.ecocityhydroponics.com/hyproponics-vegetable-herb-flowering-plant-seeds.html http://www.smallspacesprouts.com/ I Went to a grow-your-own farm land AT Bt panjang on Sunday after I Googled, but they only have vegetables. A couple who was there said they bought the GYO kit from bugis. Will try with seeds first, cheaper and my ang mo friend has green fingers
  4. Okay will try it on a wine crate. Gg to try planting herbs with the help of a friend Do you know where to get herbs seeds besides ordering online?
  5. Interesting DIY self-draining pot. Does it work? Gg to try out on a big indoor plant pot if it does
  6. Its at 328 Balestier Road This coffee roaster started in 1959 and is well known for it's Nangyang coffee which it still sells today along with the gourmet coffee beans from all over the world that the son started selling few years ago. http://www.jenniferteophotography.com/thats-life-blog/enticing-kopi-aroma-that-fills-the-rich-history-lam-yeo-coffee-powder-factory-in-singapore
  7. Lol Toh's kopi luwak! I bought from the coffee factory at balestier road before, cost about $6 a cup to brew at home. This place has exciting gourmet beans at very attractice price that the second generation boss in his 40s roast once to twice a week in the shop. My Nespresso coffee machine been collecting dust since my Aussie friend told me about this shop
  8. Found this discussion topic: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/31742-double-glazed-windows-to-block-noise-out/
  9. Hi Reiki, PMed! I did swing type windows as it's more effective in sound proofing than sliding windows. The sound proofing is not 100% but good enough to cut down traffic noise when the vehicles are cruising pass, and it will be cheaper to run air con as the heat transfer is less compared to single glazed window . One of my guests who slept in the bedroom facing side road said the double glazed windows help a lot. I noticed that my friend's double glazed windows at his condo has wider gap in between the glass panels for vaccum/gas to buffer the sound, read that it will be more effective with wider gap but HDB has a restriction on the gap
  10. Hi Reiki, Your mailbox is full ?? I found him on renotalk three years ago, did for the balcony when I renovated the place to try out, and changed out the other windows 5-6 months ago. Workmanship is good and his guy even helped me to drill a lot of holes to hang up the curtain rods and paintings while waiting for the cement to dry
  11. I did mine for the 3 windows facing the side road . I forgot how much the contractor charged per window, think the 5 panels for the bacony cost $1600-$1700
  12. Ha then your dryer will be deordorized and smell pang pang too. And if you don't mind the next load of clothes to smell of lemongrass: )
  13. I tried fresh loose Chinese tea leaves and English tea bags. Less messy with tea bags and there is a wide range to choose from. Choose the scent you like and put them in the wardrobe, drawers, shoe cabinet . i tried bergamot, lavender, lemon tea bags. Pang pang: )
  14. Oh and tea leaves! The carpenter boss told me so and I kinda like it. Smells good and it's chemical free.
  15. Charcoal, coffee powder, baking soda.. Daiso has a wide range of charcoal products for cabinets, fridge, bathroom.