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  1. Hello Sforshor Very useful sharing and a nice house you got there. like the clean n white kitchen . I know you might feel like a broken radio but would you kindly share (pm me)your LED distributor contact please? Thanks alot, Elvira
  2. Heya Leon, Though I have thank you in email but I just want to show my appreciation for your sharing and journey so far. Just for everyone benefit, Leon is not fake lah. Went down to meet Calvin & Ephron again yesterday, realised he takes a lot projects from tampines greenleaf . He told me he is actually busy so that's why Ephron assists him. Ephron is not bad albeit not so talkative at first. I met them twice and during the meeting, spent about 3 hours, yesterday we met from 7.30-10.30, imagine it, i so paiseh till i apologise to him for taking much of his time (his wife and son were waiting beside us while we discussed) My theme is modern european and I will source some of my stuff from taobao and Calvin is ok with it.Cool max cos some ID don't like it if we take from taobao. Thank you once again Leon, and can't wait to see your next post. Cheers, Elvira
  3. Hi Jaykr, would you mind sharing Alan contact? Btw,a stupid question cos i m totally noob here, should I buy tiles myself or go through Alan?will it be cheaper if I go through Alan or should I go down myself n negotiate price first ? Sorry totally clueless. Thanks a lot for your time.looking forward to your reply. Elvira
  4. Hi,

    I am very impressed with his work.

    Can you share mr K contact with me?

  5. Must giv u credit.thank u so much for ur generous sharing!!!envy u leh with ur new house.hv good celebration;)
  6. Urkitchen is just so lovely.always want a white kitchen but kinda scared of maintenance.maybe I just do lah.better to hv house that I really like than house that I don't like.thanks again yah for ur sharing^_^.enjoy cny!!!!! Huat ah!!!@@
  7. elvira

    K Pro

    Thank u kk85.ur house is another work from mr.k that make me really take note of mr.k.i cant wait to start myown reno with him.my only concern is to brush up mychinese so i can communicate with him better.lol.hope myjourney will be as smooth as yours too.enjoy urnew house!!!
  8. Waow.i guess ppl will be more willing to help you if u ask politely instead of demand it urway. Thanks alot norman for sharing and its enjoyable to see urhouse transform bit by bit.
  9. Dear pinkwhale, dont need to pm me aldy.i got it from others.thanks for sharing ur reno journey.simply love it.happy chinese new year!!!!
  10. Hi pinkwhale. Great reno! Triple like e brick wall.when u free,could u kindly email me mr.k contact n if possible reno quote? Thank u so much!!!
  11. Hi nexer.congrats for ur smooth reno.can share ur id and if possible e reno breakdown? If u cant pm me.pls send to my email elviramahara@gmail.com Thanks a ton!!!
  12. Hi Mangoo, love urplace!! I like e bold colour. Would appreciate if u can email me mr.k contact and if possible ur reno breakdown please? My email:elviramahara@gmail.com Not sure how to use pm since newbie:p.thank u!!!