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  1. Hi, Standard solid veneer door: $280 each Group buy price: $258. Not advertising for the company so not disclosing it here. If you're interested please PM or email me at stealth0128@yahoo.com.sg
  2. Hi, how do you brighten up your living room? I noticed you're using mostly track lights and your living room is evenly lited. Are you using certain particular bulbs?
  3. 2 HDB solid doors for immediate sale. Text ninesix88four2zero5.
  4. Hi, great reno! Especially love your gate. I know this has been asked numerous times, could you please let me know the quote for your gate? Thanks and all the best!
  5. Hi DaddyWinter, Could you please PM me your storeroom shelving contractor? Looks good!
  6. Pardon me trying to understand the extra freight charges. Did your TB agent or seller charged you the additional domestic freight fees? As far as I know, the domestic fees are stated by the seller before you check out. Appreciate your clarification.
  7. How many sqm are you buying for? I'm looking at 12 sqm. That's quite a risk to take, I wish you all the luck!
  8. Saw that you got the tripod lamp too! Nice. Being looking around in taobao but there are just too many sellers. Which seller you bought from and how's the quality?
  9. I noticed your window frames are black, are they originally black or you had your contractors painted it black? Mine is silver and I'm thinking of painting it black.
  10. Very nice toilet accessories! Can you please share the vendor who made the red knobs?
  11. Looks pretty close to the picture from the shop. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Beautiful console there! Wooden furniture is always risky to buy from TB. Looking forward to your review.
  13. Seen quite a few industrial homes, started with industrial look in mind but mostly ended up off-theme, other than having the brick wall and a metal clock, there was almost nothing industrial about those homes. But THIS home looks really promising, it brings the industrial look to a new level, love the bold ideas. Looking forward to see more progress here. Great stuffs!
  14. Hi Scandipenguin, Your house is making great progress! I have the same floorplan as yours and I'm going for the same style too. Is yours a premium flat that comes with flooring? If yes, are you doing an overlay? Could you share your kompactop cost?