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  1. Hi

    Nice work done. 

    Could u pls PM me your contractor? Thanks ..




    Appreciated very much 


  2. So weird i couldnt upload the rest of the photo it keeps saying photo upload fail.. ok managed to upload the rest of the pic... My small kitchen.. Common toilet... Master toilet also same concept.. And i have the normal glass partition with swing glass shower door so didnt take a pic.. My walk in wardrobe.. I uses one of the room beside master room to turn into a walk in wardrobe.. I seal the original emtrace for the bedroom and open a new entrance with glass sliding door.. this side is all for clothings.. 4 big door divide equally between me and hubby so no snatching of spaces.. Haha... Another side of the walk in warobe mainly to put bags and to do my makeup and other things.. The big mirror..... The opposite of this walk in wardrobe door is the master toilet entrance.. My son's play room... His future wardrobe... My platform bed... On the opposite side of the platform bed is a study table.. Will take a better full view pic next time when everything is up... Now is without furniture.. Will upload pics with all the furnitures...
  3. Hi all sorry for the late promise of my uploading pic... As there were a lot of coordination to be done.. I have taken a few pic after the the contractor finish the reno works but still need some rectify works.. Living room pic left side is shoe cabinet, middle is display cabinet for absolut vodkas, last is tv feature wall Dining area..
  4. Yes more update this sat as i will be going up to check on progress and take some pics.. By then i think 85% liao..
  5. HiHi!! Finally its my turn to create my reno t-blog I'm so excited to share it here... but, upset with myself that i didnt take as many photo as i can before reno although all BTO looks abt the same.. But will still post some pics... The house is about 70% done. We engaged a contractor and im the "designer" for my house, i have decided it will be a black, white and grey theme. My reno involves alot of hacking and carpentry works... The view from main door... The view from the kitchen entrance The view from service yard.. Sorry doesnt have any pic for the bed room and toilet.. will update the reno pic this week.. Attached my floorplan A brief list on the things that we are going to do : 1) Conceal bedroom 2 door and create a new door on the wall opposite master room toilet. 2) Change the kitchen entrance to another side and do half height glass. 3) False ceiling for whole house except room 2 as its going to be a walk in wardrobe so only can have track light. 4) change all W/C and basin and all doors. 5) Carpentry works in kitchen, service yard, living room and all 3 bed rooms.. 6) 2 layer of platform bed in master room. 7) Overlay vinyl flooring for whole house Total Reno Damage $36,363. Still not yet finalize as we add or change abit here and there so it might increase, but will keep it below 40k.
  6. i cant seems to upload the picture... it keep saying "there is a problem uploading the file".. the format is correct and below the max size.. but still i cant upload it... can someone pls help?
  7. He say he can apply permit to hack walls and everything... Hmmmmm.... I still confuse lo.... Shall source for other Contractors as well... Good Contractors are so hard to find...
  8. He say that he can apply permit... But he is not under hdb approved contractor.. Will hdb Depay his application of permit? Or will hdb disapprove of the application?? He is a sincere contractor so the only waste is he is not under hdb approved list lo..
  9. Hi, for those who got steven's contact... Did u use his Reno service?? Is he one of the hdb approved contractor?? As I search he is not.. So was wondering who has got his contact has sign for his service...
  10. Hi all, I have decided to choose one of the 3 contractor that we ask to quote but his company is not registered under hdb approved Contractors.. Is it ok to go ahead?? Or we have to find a licensed contractor??
  11. wanna know too, is bosh better than brant?
  12. would like to seek some help here.. 1) if one of the party has got some installment going on (installment plan by credit card or bank personal loan) can still apply for reno loan? 2) if cant, can the parents help to take up the reno loan but the child pays... 3) if got reno loan and can still apply for furniture loan? Thank you.
  13. ryvian, I couldn’t PM you as I think your inbox are full.. Can you please kindly PM me your contractor's name, contact and company name. thanks a million...