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  1. Thanks, I bought a Samsung
  2. Do u went to Expo? They selling $339. A company name hoho
  3. Kuche? Why must so secretive ?
  4. Any good Washing machine front load to recommend, below $600
  5. Let's say it this way. Lights in Singapore mostly from China. If you have do your homework, a same design Lighting can cost 3-5 times much more expensive than Tao Bao or other China online source. It is the type of worries most Singaporeans have. Later spoil how, later don't arrive how, later this later that......... No venture no gain, if you got loads of items to buy for your new house, I strongly recommend China website. My experience, a similar hanging crystal light I saw in local lighting shop cost $899 after discount, I bought via China website cost me, USD 159. Do the calculation.
  6. pm u already Actually I read the recommendation here using Tao Bao but too bad I went to the website and don't know how to start, and the price are all in ¥.
  7. If I not wrong they are all from China. I ordered many stuffs they also said from HK...... Because the post here via HK airmail
  8. Sorry for the late reply I try to email u asap very busy with work
  9. Hi Altheris I think you contact Renotalk ....I pm you the contact. Don't ask for recommendation in Forum, my 2 cents........ There are many self promoters in here.
  10. Was reading renotalk and many people seems to recommend E J in AMK to buy electronic appliances. Went down to the shop just now. Two guys in the shop, just like me , ahBengahSeng type. They are playing games online, don't even bother to ask customers in shop. And I can tell you, the shop lay out is just like the 80s, untidy and not much to show. Somehow the price is very competitive though.... But after some research, I decide to give it a miss even though they are really cheaper.... Any comments? http://badreviewssingapore.blogspot.sg/2012/07/dont-buy-from-everjoint.html
  11. Thanks, I think if it's Veneer it will be quite expensive on the price.
  12. Do you mean your bedroom doors costing $500 each ?
  13. Hijack a little A PE endorsement sure approve if the unit itself is a Prefab?
  14. The company you mentioned quote very cheap, I was about to patronize them until I saw this review. "Slap forehead"