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  1. The contractor that I engaged charged me:- Dismantle wardrobe, bed frame, headboards & TV console @ master-bedroom $300. Dismantle wardrobe, study table & top hung cabinet @ bedroom 2 $250.0 Rgds
  2. Try Ministry of Door, http://www.ministryofdoor.com.sg/ Thou' I didn't engage them for the product you want, I engaged them for my flat's bathroom bi-fold door. The Brands and products that they carries are of good materials. The sales co-ordinators are understanding and patient. They have a few installers (workers) but not all are experienced to handle site situations well. The products I bought from them were assembled in Malaysia. I am just recommending MOD. It is still up to each individual to see or feel or experience and decide oneself. cheerio.................. Spencer
  3. Try ask Rachael from...www.ministryofdoor.com.sg or Jeffery from Ho Ho Engineering and Renovation Works (www.hohoengineering1976.com.sg).
  4. Dear Cinead & Branden, Cool off please. This forum is for people to share their home renovation experiences, put up recommendation or seek for views pertaining to the topics post. It is up to the ppl that sought for views in RT to make the selections and not to put any blame on the sharer or blogger if they do take up recommendations. Branden, you may have your displeasure with SPARICO. There are other RT users that also encountered dis-satisfactions and they shared. So, thank you for sharing. Cinead has her/his rights to share about SPARICO, be it she/he is or not a sales rep from that company. I guessed he/she lost her cool when you ‘attack’ him/her whenever he/she post. I chance upon this website and have been fortunate to obtain useful suggestions. For e.g, I engaged a direct contractor for my small scale reno after I read a blog thru some posting by edenstrauss. And also thru eden, I located a shop that does wholesale of religious items. From RT, I also read about pole system wardrobe. I narrowed down to 2 companies, OPSH‎ and Closet Design. I selected CD after a few rounds of factory visits and talks with both. So......, see the magic of RT. Hope you two end the and make up .
  5. Dear AAA, It is with much regret to inform that we are unable to award the renovation contract to your company. I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to survey the flat and prepare the quotation. We admire your dedication and professionalism. I will and have recommend(ed) your service to other potential home owners looking for reno. I wish you and your business well. Regards, Spencer
  6. Suggest you source for 3 more quotes. Remember, must provide the same items (meaning same materials to be used) for them to quote. Otherwise, difficult to compare. Only after further discussions with spouse, decide on the selected contractor or ID then maybe along the way add or delete items.
  7. I suggest that you engage another 2 electricians to survey and quote. No obligation to them.
  8. Renonewbie2013, Jeff is right. You hv to state size of bathrooms. I also doing 2 bathrooms reno. Mine is 5I flat. Hacking of floor and wall tiles (incl. remove of accessories) will cost btwn $1.5k to $1.7k. Tiling up both flr and wall will cost btwn $4.2k to $4.5k. (note:- tiles price btwn $2.8 & $3.5).
  9. Hi there Zees, You may contact direct contractor, Jeff Wei of CtrlPlus PTE. LTD at 97419133, jeff@ctrlplus.com.sg. Or another contractor, Andy Thay at 96632184. You have to decide what you want to have with 18k-20k. Or you not sure what you want, then have contractors propose what you can have with the budget. Alternatively, you should also get other RT members' recommendations. Once you are certain what you want to have from either your decision or from 2 contractors' proposal, you have to list the items in logical order and get in 2 or 3 more contractors or ID to quote. What is logical order? Meaning, let's say you want to a set of kitchen cabinet.....the type of wood, laminate, kitchen top, must be listed same to all IDs and contractors. This allows comparison of apple to apple, pear to pear. Rgds.
  10. FYI, My direct tiling contractor, also my flat reno main con, quoted me $1100 for plastering of just 2 bedrooms. I also learned from him that the texture of the original state of wall (e.g. normal surface painted or blast painted) will determined the plastering cost too. The 2 bedrooms that i intended to reno have blast painted wall. So, cost is high.
  11. WOW! SER Ctl and $30K COV only.......That is a great catch!
  12. Good day MetalWorks personnel, I'm unable to post msg in your account. I'm hunting for wrought aluminium main gate. Sure must change the current 1. Thinking of changing bi-fold doors (division at kitchen and dinning + bathrooms). Need to see products. Is there a shop/showroom/factory that I can visit? How about website thou' I prefer face-to-face? Does your company fabricate alum rod? I need a L-shape rod to be installed in common bathroom. Rgds.
  13. Hi there, Thanks for sharing. However, I am unable to locate <Inspiration Interior> using google. By the way, how is the conditions of your roller blinds? Are you using a special kind of roller system?