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  1. Bought it on July 2014. Selling cause converting the study room to baby room. * High back, mesh * Adjustable high, arm rest, headrest * Rollers are not smooth, but it can be replaced. Selling Price = SGD 180. Cash only and self collect at CCK area. Interested please contact me @ my h/p: 98325300 Here's how it looks like: http://renotalk.com/forum/uploads/gallery_54810_603_173411.jpg http://renotalk.com/forum/uploads/gallery_54810_603_40221.jpg
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  3. My civil engineer friend shared with me, mostly the floor outside the toilet is always higher. Mine is different. The toilet floor higher than the floor in the room. This is one of the main reason (provided the water will seep through the tile) why the water seep into my room, or if not it will then seep down to my lower floor neighbour's ceiling. What about you guy's one?
  4. Just an update here for anyone who keen to know more. The tiler came and apply QUICSEAL 107 on the bathroom. After a month. It seems the water seepage issue is now resolved. I wonder how it looks like behind the wooden skirting's water stain. I decided to take out the skirting and here what I found. After requested for solution from the ID, I've been waiting for two weeks (and still waiting) from the tiler or whoever to update me. Knowing that they might be busy with new projects, but I don't think a simple update by giving a date to visit to my house for further inspection or apply solution will be that difficult.
  5. Hi eunice, sorry to hijack your thread as well as reactivate the topic. Hi potatoes, I'm now having the same issue like yours...done by the same ID firm...! The water is now seep into my "engineered wood" floor and come out from there. May I know your contractor is it the tiler or plumber? My ID got the tiler to take a look this Saturday.
  6. Got mine from MGL. Very satisfy in terms of how it blend with the overall interior of my house as well as their services. Due to no drilling on Saturday and minor renovation still carry on (dust might be flying around), they arrange for drilling on Friday and hanging the curtain on Saturday. Do take a photo of you rooms with wall and floor to match with the curtain. Maybe if you still have the tiles or wood flooring sample, bring along. It’s much easier to match or for them to advise.
  7. Forgot to mention, it was from payah lebar branch. But I guess if this is how the boss will run their biz, no matter which branch should have the same experience.
  8. Bought kk bed from them, good service. Helpful 2 chinese ladies. Delivery...on time!
  9. Hi theitsybits, I can actually see your contractor Mr K's contact, why everyone still asking for it? I suppose that's the one right? Can you PM me the wtf carpenter / ID so I can avoid them. Thanks a lot. Guess you did a good job by designing your own house without ID's help, good sense of art & color.