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    Soon for you too! Thanks!
  2. eilgoh


    Progress thus far... (1 week into reno) Tiles all done Speaking of tiles, the ID brought us to some Defu Lane provider to choose and REALLY LIMITED colours. We wanted a darker colour for bedroom tiles but only left with this and a pale white @.@ But turns out to be quite nice! The bedroom tiles are actually tiles that look like wood, for easy maintenance. Practical *Thumbs up* To buy list.. SG lights are really expensive. Bought all my lights online except for 1) Dining hanging light 2) Corridor track light and our bathroom light as HDB built in this false ceiling inside so need T5 lights. Anyway our electrician is helping us to get the bathroom lights. Will share more on the Taobao lights later as they claim that can switch between yellow/white lighting and brightness (looking forward!) Got my eyes on below dining light. S$200+ coming to S$300. May really get this if budget allows. S$1099 for a dining set, expensive? Love it so much though will go well with the light. And is extend-able! Can cater to both of us on normal days and also when the house is open for visits Strongly recommended washing machine by Courts Salesman - Beko I like the handwash function though heh heh heh Making a trip to Balestier / Courts / Ikea on next next weekend to get more things. Kitchen sink, taps, heater, list goes on and on. Headache!
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    What we are doing: Service yard - Nothing! Let this be our poor man balcony Kitchen - As shown. Just bought the stove/hood/oven from Courts, Turbo brand at S$1330. Buy already my ID say the brand is not recommended although the cheapest as he had some issue with it in his first house But I went to do some research online the brand seems ok.. Well.. let's see after a few years down the road. And of course a door as we will be doing daily cooking. Foyer - Initially wanted this kind (as per the man is fengshui issue) but unfortunately our entrance too small so have to put this against the wall. This will also double up as shoe cabinet / place to put keys. Dining area - no 3D but planning to do 1 wall - full size mirror on 1 wall and another wall will paint a contrast colour. (As per the man can improve appetite haha) Living area - paint colour will look something like this.. instead of a tv console + tv we will try to squeeze some storage cabinets from IKEA as well as a computer table. A challenge indeed! Our common bathroom is quite similar to this except without overlay of tiles Master bathroom will also have a glass without door (so small already how to have door!) Speaking of bathroom... I love taobao basins! Got the below http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=37337205945 http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=43133805077 Super expensive BTW! Had to use SGSHOP to ship this as the usual forwarder in TaoBao cannot be used for such purchases (no idea why). Each basin shipping comes up to be about S$100 Custom wardrobe in master bedroom + bedroom 2 for the in laws. Just decided on the layout last sat. ID say can start buying furniture and put in in another 2 weeks. So fast?!
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    3D images! But the colours are all not correct. But its ok.. Just want to make sure design is ok. So went ahead to start work after they gave us this! Not showing photos of empty house since everyone's else is almost the same.
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    Colour inspiration photo: You guys may need to zoooom in, had a hard time (but succeeded heh heh) convincing the man to go for a dark brown, warm house. He wanted white airy walls but... our house is right in front of a main road! If we go for white airy kind of feel I think 1 year become black walls liao :/ This colour combi is nice too Short inspiration post
  6. eilgoh


    2013, applied for 1st flat failed :"( Applied again for sale of balance flat and finally finally got it! Shorter waiting time too Jan 2015 already started looking for ID. Many ID/contractor I wrote to didn't reply, including those I really really wanted So only met 2 IDs, and confirmed 1 in March. I am going with DeFong Interior - Jeremy simply because he is practical over fanciful designs which is what we want and very prompt. After speaking to him we forgo the idea of false ceiling, feature wall and bay window platform in master bedroom. Save some $ and also not much functionality for these features He is more like a contractor though. Note: Electrician/aircon all out source (additional cost!) but are his contacts. The other ID we met is too fanciful, recommend cove lights etc which is unfortunately not what we are looking for. PS. even recommend us to align our bed next to our dream bay window platform so only can get in/out of bed from 1 side @.@ March 2015, collect keys and start renovation 1 week after collecting keys. Floorplan: Was thinking to hack the kitchen wall before getting the keys to make the entrance bigger but after getting the keys haha... not hacking any walls. Too small.
  7. anyone can share Mr K contact with me? Eileen.goh25@gmail.com Thanksssss!
  8. nice house! didn't know Mr K is a contractor.. thought he is an ID.. as I will have my own design, keen to contact him too.. any kind souls can pls share Mr K email with me so I can email for quote? Gam Xia ah!
  9. Please share contacts with me too thanks ^^ eileen.goh25@gmail.com
  10. Hi! Can you PM me contacts for your contractors too? I am also looking for direct contractors. Thanks!
  11. i am planning to do it this way too! which contractor you used? prefer all in one.. if not have to source for different contractors for different works **headache**
  12. hi all can share the contacts with me too? eileen.goh25@gmail.com thanks!
  13. any good recommendation? feel free to email me: eileen.goh25@gmail.com new 4 room bto.. i only want reno contractor (not ID) thanks~
  14. Need renovation for new 4 room bto too.. Can send me details of your carpenter? eileen.goh25@gmail.com Thanks!!