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  1. Hi there, where did u find the bi folding half lourved doors? I searched for so long for them until I eventually gave up and gotten the half lourved PD door Also, may I know how did u "whiten" the finishing of ur furniture? Did u used the ikea white glazing paint? Thanks js
  2. Venetian blinds r really pretty to look at... But will like to find out from u if u feel that it's a hassle to roll it up and down each time u want to open or close the windows as I know Venetian blinds r pretty delicate...so need to handle with love and care...
  3. Ok... just sharing the tot that each time u want to get out of ur gaming area u need to be caution abt banging ur head.... and also each time u walk up to ur loft bed, u need to bend down as u reaches the top of the stairs.... plus each time u just wake up and feeling a little blur blur, u will need to crawl to the stairway (as u will not be able stand up on the loft platform) and carefully walk down the stairs while bending forward on the first few steps on the stairs.....
  4. Is the loft bed possible at all? Typically the height of the ceiling is at 2.6metres... If you want to be able to walk and stand normally at the study area, the bed have to be at least 1.75metres off the ground... Which means u need to start bending down as u walk up the stairs to ur loft bed and crawl to ur mattress...I think the mattress thickness is abt 25cm, the thickness of the loft platform is about 15cm... U have abt 50cm space left between the mattress and the ceiling.... Not sure if u have space to even sit up on the mattress...
  5. Hi Edwin, May I know if the black conduits are matt or glossy black? Thank you
  6. I like ur place alot...very cosy.... has a subtle touch of stylishness without "trying too hard". Most importantly its both pretty and functional...
  7. Loved mood board and ur daring idea to hack the whole place into a stylish studio apartment.... I would suggest to seal up the common toilet door and re open it at the service yard to give it a more clean look in that area ... But it's really a lot more to spend juz for that cleaner look (plumbing, electrical, cement work) Just sharing
  8. Ideally vinyl shld be laid 3 to 4 weeks after screeding is done to allow it to be completely dry....
  9. Very inspiring DIY u got there.... I'm sure u will feel very happy looking at the wall and recalling the DIY experience for many years to come.... Love it!
  10. Hi lemoncandy. ..I'm contemplating to get the oakland table becoz of the very nice color it has... but I read abt the disadvantage abt veneer table top (which is easily scratched and dent and prone to water damage). Will like to find out from u on how the table has performed so far... thanks!
  11. Hi Lemoncandy, Do you roughly know how much does it cost to do up the passageway frame? Thanks
  12. Hi Jerome, Can you pls quote me for the below combo 1) Elba Hood (F53H90) + Rinnai Hob (RB7502D SSS) 2) Elba Hood (AURASLIDER90) + Rinnai Hob (RB7502D SSS) 3) Rinnai Hood (RH991CT) + Rinnai Hob (RB7502D SSS) 4) Samsung top load washer (WA75H4400SS) 5) Samsung front load 7kg (any samsung model) Thank you