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  1. Hi guys will pm my ID contact asap. Sorry for the delay due to heavy work load.. Love my renovation so far and might add more in future from my ID. My plan in future: 1. Whole flooring 2. Kitchen tile 3. Bathroom tile 4. Maybe add another platform in masterbed room. Latest add common rooms image with L-box feature.
  2. Hi Add a image After renovation service, we also enage him with drill service for our photo frame etc...and also fix some of our lightning which went off and he reply in sec and arrange fast, he charge drill service and install at low cost compare we check in ikea and other therefore love his service. No word can describle him Not only during renovation, after servvice he also provide us good customer service. Awesome ID and I am so grat to have him as our ID same go with my wife. Recommend him for sure
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    New Image1

    From the album: blk330b

    Common room
  5. Hi sorry for the delay images due to work... our house take arh around 1month to complete renovation. We are happy with the ID for sure and will recommend him to our family which we are doing now and friends. In the end, we remove 1 platform from master room due to spacing purpose and add one more toilet shower screen @SGD300 and one more shower kerb @SGD100. The package which I quote not include of soft closing drawers and cabnit. Electrical work not include too arh SGD600+ which are reasonable due to point to point. He also serve us after the service, excellent customer service! Call or whatapps get fast respones.
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    From the album: blk330b

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    living room 1

    From the album: blk330b

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    living room

    From the album: blk330b

  9. Hi How to share the picture/image? My renovation done few weeks ago.
  10. Hi How to upload the picture, as our renovation is 60-70% done and happy with our ID so far.
  11. Ya, agree use back them if not very troublesome and waste of time even you small claims, it is waste of time and might be no answer in return. Just look for the boss/director and tell them your feeling as a customer and I believe they also want good repution and relationship with you, if not will affect their business. Wish you will get your renovation as per your request. Good luck sis
  12. Ya continuing with their services but change of ID, since you had engage with the company but speak to their boss/director and I beileve the boss/director will handle your case or ask someone to assist in you as in special treatment. Explain to them you want the price as what the last ID quote you and I believe the boss/director will help you as they also want a good repution and relationship. My point of view and hope it help As a boss/director, they want good repution and relationship and do not want to face any cases will affect the business.
  13. Hi We purchase Deka baby G with led light. Love it!
  14. We purchase Deka Baby G with Led light ceiling fan in JB
  15. Hi On 16 Oct, went to Yes Electrical supply purchase of ceiling fan and saw Kdk model but due to low ceiling, we take Deka baby G with led light. Love it!
  16. Hi On 16 Oct, went to purchase ceiling fan and saw Kdk model but due to low ceiling, we take Deka baby G with led light. Love it!
  17. Hi We buy toilet accessories, hood, basin and other at Poh Seng. Love Mr Seng service
  18. Hi @MelanieTan As you mention, Jim had resign and you will handle by a hard seller lady. She is a director or boss in that company? If not you can look for their boss/director and speak to them. They will special handle for you and also do not want to affect the company business.
  19. Ya, had recieve your pm but your's package cheaper then mine. If I am you, will call the ID speak to the boss or go down the shop because we pay money too. About your currently ID, sorry to hear.
  20. No, just remove the items and deduct the price but we also add some items, if not not nice overall cheaper. Not much hidden cost just if you need additional then must pay if not ok. Overall very happy with my constructor. He also go our home offen due to he got lot of project in sengkang area. Guys how to post images in here?
  21. Hi Sorry for the late reply.. busy for the new house and work. My ID help me register and I pay for it, cost arh SGD70-72. Not include in the package. Will upload my reno soon...
  22. I am not sure about granite but we use quartz due to recommend. They charge us SGD120 per feet which it is common in the market as we had check other ID too. Ya will show you my renovation image next week will drop by haha.