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  1. I brought one from <link removed> Please advice.
  2. For Silestone Price range will be from $180 to $300 psf.
  3. Looking for silestone samples or supplier? Can check out here: Silestone Singapore
  4. Silestone & caesarstone are higher end of Solid surface.
  5. You can read the article here: Solid surface vs Granite vs Quartz
  6. Very nice. Workmanship is more important then pricing I personally think so
  7. Hi rosks, For quartz and granite will have jointline. Please note. For solid surface will be one piece as its able to join seamless line with special glue. Hope it explained?
  8. 1.silestone 180 - 300 2.caesarstone similar to silestone 3.quartz 150 onwards 4. China quartz 120 130 onwards
  9. Hi, Solid surface can have a big range from $80 - $150 ( depending on Branding ) Granite usually around $100 - $150. Black Galaxy Granite would be recommended @ $120 Silesstone and Caesarstone are both high quality quartz top from Europe, price will be around $180 - $300 There is Iquartz.. Price Around $150 - $200 Samsung Staron is a Solid Surface, price in the same range as Solid surface ( $120 - $150 )
  10. Hi, I would recommend silestone as it will be long lasting and durable. My 2 cents worth.
  11. The new idea with bench sitting is a good idea. Below it if possible can add a shoe cabinet drawer. When you pull it out. the bottom for you to place your shoes.
  12. You have a very nice house and layout. I love the wall cladding of your living room.
  13. They will recommended you by using their calculation method. So no need to worry about this unless you doing it diy.