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  1. Seriously doubt consumers understand these terms. The basic五行,10天干, 12地支 already can't digest. Not mentioning the 10 'God' deployment in the 'sheng' & 'ke' relationships... Believed bro bepgof understands...
  2. This day's fs advises very much cultural & religious-related....thus advises offered ...you can image. Don't mind share here your issues?
  3. SMRT ! Chiong 19% within 2 days. Major 'breakdown' coming soon perhaps.
  4. Can energy turns pineapple into apple pie?
  5. Use machine detector lah that won't lie. Got such m/c?
  6. After 4 yrs then tell us this, u must have killed many candles & flowers. Hold breath then no smell. Save $ save trouble. I got many rooms leh, like that many mistressess, The fsm with eyes mee mee, holding luopan take photo and like using hulo... MUST have WIW!
  7. The more you seek the worst will be, you know, these ppls' service carry no warranty.....
  8. Collecting too much CHI and choke to death.
  9. FSMs will 'raid' your rooms. Like SPF raid those 'roomssss'. Silly.
  10. Advertisement everywhere here, no harm one more or one less How about trying my friend's services? What service? Nelson 8188 0402. Your enemy. Also a taoist Priest. Specialise service: praying for dead Not an uncle. What he predict about me is quite true. Can he predicts LKY can pass 2014? don't have 100% accurary. LOL. Lip service, TK. I usually choose to believe 80% of what FSM says. hahaha. Bcas some of them are really ridiculous. Choose to believe?, Quite accurate?. Historical events I can tell too. 100% accuracy.
  11. What's that? X-ray m/c? What tile? For what features to be inspected? Country of origin? Tensile strength test? Thickness check? Drop test?
  12. FS master bedroom? Slippery term Has ability to lure you to go into excitement or calmness? Common sense lah Make pick "auspicious" date & time to make love? Why these days fs become so slippery? Subjuect to so many man-made rules?
  13. U picked WRONG date meeting him! Should email yr dob then he pick gd date to meet, tio bo?
  14. Since life is so full of secrets with all these encrypted messages with only the so-called professionals can 'help' to decrypt in advance w/o knowing such decrypted message be true or false, i offer one heavenly decrypted suggestion. Buy insurance NOW Whether life/medical/investment/hospital......to secure the future 'unsecured'. Insurers are really the ones who decrypt, better than any fortune tellers man. Act now Got the pt?